Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Palin Pregnancy Hoo Ha: Unanswered Questions

Despite a flurry of "end of" posts and that official announcement of future grandmom and apple pie over at fame crawler one Emily Emba asks an interesting question as speculation stubbornly continues about the Palin girls' pregnancies:

if ever Bristol give birth sometimes in april, 2008, how come she's five months pregnant now?

You go girl! But Emily and company should consider these questions if they are going to continue to engage with us lefty liberal whackos (tm Iain Dale, gender theorist) on this one:

1. Did the premature newborn Trig look premature and newborn in the pictures?

2. Is 6:10 or whatever a usual weight for a month premature kid?

3. Was he even born on April 18/19?

4. A picture has now been produced of Sarah showing, so enough of the "I didn't show much comments" (from other commenters) but how did she not show any other time than in that photo e.g. with colleagues, on stump and so on?

5. How/why DID she get on with ahem boarding Alaska Airlines Flight 666 with waters broken etc?

6. Just why was daughter Bristol off school for months and months and months before now when according to her mom she was mostly no months at all pregnant?

7. Who exactly says that Bristol Palin is "about five months pregnant?"

Answer to that last one. That would be VP Mom who is an accomplished liar and/or cover up merchant and/or a dangerous crazy. Flying in that condition? And creationist to boot? Dabbler with Alaskan Separatism?

NB. This post is "Just for Fun". I really have lost track of this bizarre VP pick and the pantomime life she has been carrying on these last six months (15 months?).

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