Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Robert Peston: BBC Business Loon Irks Blog Loon

The more than mildly irksome lothario Robert Peston appeared to me to change his stance on HBOS at around 11:30/12 YESTERDAY. Perhaps, I thought, someone like for instance his editor, had told the cocky sensationalist to stick to breaking rather than making the financial news. Looks like Guido conny city boy short shrifters have been caught with their trousers down on this. And that Guido is out for revenge. Peston broke his story at 09:11 BST this morning.

If Guido's right this would be about 20 hours after he was tipped the nod. Or if I'm right about 20 hours after he was told to stop getting carried away. Meanwhile amusing Peston reporting in January from Stef Conspiraloon


Ted Foan said...

"We are all now waiting for Chris Paul to negate these results, coming as he does from LaLa Land."

Great comment on ConservativeHome's post about the latest Ipsos-MORI poll showing the Conservatives on 52% and Labour stuck on 24%.

Do you think that 24% is the absolute rock-bottom, core Labour vote? If so, then your lot need to convince at least another 15% to switch to the Brown-led Labour Party.

Chris Paul said...

I'll take a look at the small print Diablo. I know that you expect no less. Looks like the Lib Dem conference has sent a third of their punters over to Dave ...