Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coming Soon: Guido Site For Sale, Price Reduced

Shocking news people. LOL can confirm that the Guido site is under caretaker management, desperately trying to find a buyer, and now slashed in price. No wonder he has been belly aching about the property market. More anon.


Dirty Euro said...

I thought he was a millionaire. Was he lying.

Dirty Euro: said...

Guido aka Paul Staines and rest of the millionaire bankers are on the run. Is he running off with the tory leader who is also from a long line of bankers.
They know the public will rebel and get these evil crooks for stealing money off the public. Guido is off to his evil carribean island the evil crook with all his banking bonuses him and his so called master race have stolen off the people.
He has a secret carribean island.