Thursday, October 16, 2008

Iain Dale: Question Time Succession Strategy

What a great shame. Iain Dale speculates rather spuriously that Dimbleby D may leave Question Time. Supposedly in a huff because their minimal BBC office may be moved to Glasgow. This is of course a Mentorn programme (Oxford). And it will of course continue to be all over the place in more ways than one.

Then Dale dares to jeer at the magnificent Konnie Huq, left doing a Miliband or rather a Huq as she was first, no doubt a subject of much banana envy for the "new Galbraith", never ceasing to amaze with the range of his "expertise" given his UEA Desmond in Deutsch, with her glittering Cambridge Economics degree and all. More of a contender ultimately than say Simon Amstell or Dale hisself perhaps, but not just yet Konnie.

Dale goes on to name a few big beastly boys as potential successors for a non-vacancy. Thankfully then Martha, Kirsty and Emily do get in the long list. But really Iain. Where is Simon Mayo?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Not heard the phrase 'Desmond' in years.
You are showing your age Chris!

Nice banana BTW.

Chris Paul said...

Was used on QI only recently. Must admit Dale may actually have a 2:1. Would that be a Mister? As in Mister Bun the Baker?

Chris Paul said...

PS yes, Dale's wiki says he has an Attila, Don Juan or as coined above a Mister, which to be fair is not exclusive as it could be Mister Wick the candlestick maker etc etc.