Thursday, October 16, 2008

South Manchester Reporter: No Room For Piss Poor Leech

Although the SMR lead with a story including news-to-me that Cllr John Grant actually cycles* around the area - mostly seen careering dangerously round the rat runs in his little car actually, often or not with dysfunctional brake light or two - they have completely avoided Leech's** tosh on child poverty being at 50% in his constituency. It's not 0% we can give him that. But why exaggerate and scaremonger? A responsible MP would not do that.

* FOOTNOTE: Pictures of Grant head and shoulders on leaflets with cycle helmet fool absolutely no-one. His bike's at home. Or possibly back in Vietnam.

** UNDERFOOTNOTE: Transport expert and Lib Dem under-spokesman for Transport Leech has bottled the Reporter's big traffic greening debate on Thursday 13 November. Strange. Very strange.

Particularly given his statement to the paper. Manchester Withington MP John Leech has, they say, given his backing to the Reporter’s Big Debate:

"I think a debate such as this is hugely important because it gives the opportunity to both sides of the debate to state their case clearly and gives residents the opportunity to ask questions and grill those behind the scheme.

"There has been a certain amount of misinformation on the issue, and although people know generally what the money would be for, a lot of people are in the dark about what it would mean for them specifically."

Rival candidates will be there: Brian Candeland (Green), Lucy Powell (Labour), and possibly Faraz Bhatti (Conservative) who is of course a frequent traveller across the M60 for those famous car park shenanigans around the airport.

But what is it about the cowardly custard, yellow belly, un-orator and un-thinker-on-feet Leech that makes him unwilling to take part in such an important local debate?

Mr Leech has promised he will debate with Ms Lucy Powell before. But did he? ... did he buggery?!


Miller 2.0 said...

For all his apparent green credentials, has Leech actually backed the C-Charge yet?

Chris Paul said...

Leechy is a "good-idea-in-theory" merchant.

Let's pick away at the details to seem like we're doing something.

Most recently scare mongering about parking chaos somewhere or other (near my house actually) depending where the inner zone line is drawn.

Obviously a bit of residents parking here and a few yellow lines there and a park and ride over here will all be employed creatively to keep things ticking over.

Leech thinks we must all be told every detail of this before we can decide. He really is like two short planks and/or devious as a sack of snakes and weasels.

PS - that profile pick has something of the X factor about it wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

Leech is green like best bile, no more no less. "Carbon neutral" website? What about the carbon atrocious stream of cat litter he pushes through our doors?

Anonymous said...

May I ask what happened to the website John Leech watch?

It seems to have been frozen on my last input!

Chris Paul said...

I've stopped going there Yasmin and so I don't know anything about it. I'll take a look sometime.