Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Phat Comptroller: Discovers Acute Economic Indicator

Sometimes I wonder whether we bloggers have the next Galbraith or Keynes lurking among us. That young Iain Dale has today astounded me by retrospectively spotted a surefire indicator of the Way Things Are in Today's Economy. This being the increasing availability of car parking spaces - he alleges - at Tonbridge BR compared to six months ago, and 12 months ago.

Last time this important economic indicator was treated at the Dale Blog was on 1 July 2008 when it was used as an example of hyper-inflation (Number 94 since you ask):

This week, parking charges at Tonbridge Station have risen by 70p a day. Doesn't sound much, does it? But when you think about it in per centage terms, you'd imagine that parking charges have gone up by two or three per cent. You'd be wrong. Each day this week I am paying 15.9% more than I was last week.

And I don't have a choice in the matter. There's nowhere else to park.

Just possible that some others have found another car park, walked to the station, shared a car to the station, taken a cab to the station, or otherwise responded to market forces at Tonbridge BR? Here is a further comment from Iain which provides evidence of the pricing phenomenon as a possible alternative culprit for any over supply of parking spaces. I'm not saying he's wrong today mind. Perhaps he was wrong in July?:

Giles, thatr has to rate as one of the most illinformed posts on this site. Ever. Each year the price goes up. When I first started using the station in 2004 the charge was £2.50. It is now 5.10. Doubled in four years. And the machines don't work half the time. They are absuing their monopoly.


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