Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sun Has Got Hat On: Happy Days Are Here Again

Three versions of the Sun Has Got His Hat on - which also features in the show Me and My Girl - plus one version of Happy Days Are Here Again from the same "climbing out of the depression" era and the same band as the first SHGHHO. WARNING: the second is a 1971 recording by a convicted paedophile who continues to protest his innocence.

My favourite Political Correctness monitor troll who goes by the name "Everybody Hates Chris" told me here that the first is/was a racist song. You will hear that there is a word in the lyric, which gets three different treatments in the three versions, and which is the source of EHC's concern. Or you can read the untreated lyric, as version one above, here.

The first version (1932) includes a word that can certainly regarded as racist - depending a tad on who utters it and in what context - but this put down from EHC at the use of the song's title line from the chorus, which for most people is the extent of the song, this put down really indicates the curmudgeonly, miserable, off topic, argumentative nature of the troll known as EHC. The second version (1971) changes the word. And in the third (1960s) it is excised rather clumsily. I suspect in the version in the modern show this part of the lyric is likely to be completely re-written or instrumentalised.

The song is not in my view racist. It is a jolly dance number to help jog people out of the great depression. You will find a dozen more versions - mostly from the show and with an full cast ensemble dance - at YouTube.

FOOTNOTE: We're still waiting patiently for the promised easy peasy photoshop file from EHC illustrating that their own skills can seamlessly add a person in a crowd and four placards with hands to a photograph. We're sure EHC will not let us down.


Everybody Hates Chris said...

Re: Footnote

Oh no I didn't.

I'll add that to the list.

Chris Paul said...

What are you on about? You promised me you could produce such a photo as the one you allege is doctored and I eagerly asked you to do so. You certainly didn't say you wouldn't did you? Or couldn't? It'll be couldn't. You don't have the patience for it.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

I suspect that I could produce one, but you are right - I don't have the patience to do so Or the motivation, unlike some). There is absolutely no way I would do it just to send to you.

You are just playing with words.
You have absolutely no evidence that I said I would send one to you. I have one in front of me at this very moement, not done by me but by the Laour Party. If you think I will send even that to you then you are very much mistaken.

I too have been waiting patiently for evidence of claims that you have made, but sadly .....

tory boys never grow up said...

So EHC keeps a list - now why doesn't that surprise me!

Chris Paul said...

I think he/she may have lists of lists in fact.

EHC said to me they could easily produce a photo composite including four placards and a randomly flown in anonymous OAP.

I said good-oh let's see it then,

EHC is an unproductive troll that has an idea of the ease of cheating that is ridiculous. Particularly when not cheating and taking real photos is so very easy.

So close to delete-on-sight it's unbelievable. Any day now.

Anonymous said...

Just do it.

everyonehates everyone hates chris said...

I suspect that our dim and frantic friend everybody hates could not produce anything of any merit at all. They "suspect I could produce one"? Let's see even the slightest sign of that ability. What a clown.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

If I can repeat one basic and, as yet, totally unanswered question.

If it isn't apparent or at least suspicious to the naked eye, how come everybody immediately knows which person I was referring to when I said it looked as though somebody had been spliced in?

I didn't say which individual I meant and yet everybody has identified the same person.

If anyone can answer that then my supicions will be ever so slightly diminished.

Anonymous said...

EHC sounds like whiney Rob Adlard.

Chris Paul said...

EHC - 'cos you are a pratt (yes yes yes, we know etc) and predictable.

Anon 15:02 - yep. He's even in the fated Audenshaw picture with the lying Tory muppets of Tameside.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Let's recap.

Me: Why does everybody appear to notice the same slightly dodgy element of the photo that I spotted?

CP: 'cos you are a pratt.


Chris Paul said...

Takes my breath away too Rob.

Anonymous said...

If J King of the Tipsheet is a convicted paedo who protests his innocence does that make him allegedly the opposite of Sir Cyril Smith MBE? Who is unconvicted but does not protest his innocence? To ballbag grabbing and spanking young lads back in the 1960s??

"Just a few smacked bare bottoms" said his party leader.

Anonymous said...

Admissions and acceptance of abusive sexual molestation of vulnerable young people.

Why no criminal prosecution?