Wednesday, October 15, 2008

George W Bush: Doesn't Much Like State Socialism

George Bush yesterday? What was that? Talking of S-S-S-strategic moves. He Sh-Surely hesitated because he knew that social democracy and common ownership were in danger of getting the MO. And that he possibly should have said "socialist" - as his worst fears dictated - rather than "strategic" - as his worst hope suggests.

Interesting to see tonight's Man Booker prize winner in various interviews today. The one I liked the most was with Kirsty Wark. The winner said that the ways out of poverty were crime or politics. Which did Dubya's family choose?

"Choose?" they asked earnestly.


Diablo said...

What a stupid comment, Chris. You might blog long but there is absolutely no quality here. Or, as they used to say "Never mind the quality, feel the width".

Chris Paul said...

Oh Diablo. You may be right about this. Who cares what you think though? Do go and sort your own puny blog out before you criticise anyone else. It's thin. And it's stupid too. What can I say? You are in no position to preach.

Dirty Euro said...

Bush Junior and Bush senior are crooks.
Bush senior sold millions of dollars worth of government held gold mining rights, to a company he became a director of about 5 years later, for just thousands of dollars on the last day of his presidency.
Bush junior got his oil companies bust, and sold them to the Bin Ladens, and stole elections.

A bunch of crooks as simple as that.