Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guido Fawkes: Mixed Results on His Crystal Balls

Mixed results this morning for the meme "Guido writes a lot of sense sometimes". Early doors we have some utter tosh about re-boiling-over the UK Housing Market by tax breaks, even as mortgage payments reduce.

Why not let the price of property subside naturally to a reasonable multiplier of people's incomes? With a little help round the edges of course for first time buyers, key workers, and those in the most difficulty, for example through redundancy.

Downwards prices will get the housing market going again. It is a market. Subsidising Guido's mortgage interest? Or Estate Agents' 4x4s? Or Nouveaux Rentiers' un-let city centre portfolios? Or other buy-to-let operations for that matter? Let the market rule Guido mate!

On the other hand when Lord Fawkes points out the value bet of 5-1 Against McCain he may be on the money. Sir Michael White explains some of the troublesome arithmetic franchise-wise. Meanwhile Ed Heathcote-Amory tells in the Daily Mail and Iain Dale in The Daily Telegraph and on his blog tell, at quite some length, why they have swapped sides.


Dirty Euro said...

Mccain only needs a 10 % vote fix to go his way they will blame it on whites hating blacks.

Chris Paul said...

He might manage it in Florida. But there is now scarcely a state with a McCain lead at all. Possibly Alaska ... but then again.