Saturday, October 11, 2008

Golden Riley Boot: Unsung Heroes Who Pay Cricket

Sadly this brilliant story cannot be found in the online edition of the Rochdale Observer. Jimmy Cricket - the self-effacing father of no-star Lib Dem councillor and Rossendale PPC Dale Mulgrew has selflessly promoted a community award. You know, for putting something back into the community.

Brilliant! He does a hell of a lot for charidee you know? This month the 'Jimmy Cricket Golden Wellie Award' to deserving-unsung-heroes who have put-something-back-into-their-community goes to Kath from Wardle for her "considerable help" in organising his local gigs. Which is putting something back into Jimmy's bank account if nothing else?

Far be it from me to agree (or not agree as Cyril and Norman might say) with local people that Jimmy Cricket just looks after those who look after him. Bit like most Lib Dems in Rochdale.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cllr Cricket could award golden foot in mouth awards to Cyril Smith and 'our kid' the intellectual giant, Norman Smith MBE.

Rochdale Lib Dem sleeze?

"There's more I tell you, there's more".

Anonymous said...

Rochdale Lib Dems also have L and R
on their footwear so they know where the opposition are, whilst they straddle the fence.

Chris Paul said...

Someone purporting to be a representative of Jimmy Cricket has written to me asking me to remove the defamatory content from this post. I'll be posting that in a minute.

I can't see any. But I'm adding a question mark after "putting something back into Jimmy's bank account if nothing else?" because the press release the great man sent to the Rochdale Obbie does not confirm for certain whether the gigs that Kath from Wardle organised for JC resulted in any pay for JC.

Perhaps it is defamatory to say he just looks after those that look after him. He does charidee gigs after all. Including for Big Pudding Cyril Smith. But so local people say. And like Norman and Cyril I'm not about to commit myself either way. I'll put an "or disagree" in that line to make that clear - like Norman and Cyril do.

Perhaps it is defamatory these days to suggest he is a Rochdale Lib Dem?

No doubt Councillor Dale Mulgrew, for it was he, or British Actors Equity, will explain the nature of the defamation to me so I can make the necessary adjustments.

Cllr Mulgrew - who has presided over a most appalling Rochdale Social Care set up and its jaw droppingly bad audit reports, and much else of demerit - has persuaded me with his talking rough in jolly legalise and from some strange email account to boot that I should perhaps remove JC's image from the site. All pictures of JC are his copyright he avers. Is that right? Really??

So for now at least I'm doing that. With a spot (or a check) of the Bridget Rileys. What a bunch of daft so-and-sos these Rochdale Lib Dems are.

It'd be funny ... but sadly it's only Cyril's friend Jimmy Cricket.

Anonymous said...

Comedian sprays old welly gold to get coverage for failing son politician who wants to be an MP.

It makes the Rochdale Observer.

You couldn't make this shit up.

What's next? Cyril on a unicycle promoting Metrolink?

Dave Hennegan on a barefoot walk to the off licence?