Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life and Death: By Virtue of Lurch to Left or Veer to Right

Cheeky Mr Fawkes. Juxtaposing this seen elsewhere (also this) with this one in which Iain Dale's life was saved by "a lurch to the left", albeit a mere twelve inches. Mr Joerg Haider's tragic mistake may have been veering much much much too far to the right.

[From Reuters]In a comment echoed by many, President Heinz Fischer, a Social Democrat, said Haider was "a politician of great talent" and impact who both enchanted and repelled his contemporaries.
Heinz-Christian Strache, who took over the Freedom Party in 2005 and had feuded with his former mentor, said: "Whatever differences we had, one has to accord Haider recognition and respect. Austria has lost a great political figure."
Haider's father was once a member of Hitler's Storm Troopers. His mother was a teacher who had been a Hitler Youth leader.


jailhouselawyer said...

The arrogant tw4t. It's not the fast lane, it's for overtaking. As he points out, there was no vehicle in the middle lane therefore he should have been on the inside lane. As for listening to Stephen Nolan, he's enough to distract anybody! I suspect the lorry driver left the empty cannister there deliberately, in the full knowledge that there would be a gas bag coming along to fill it...

Anonymous said...
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Chris Paul said...

Vile comment deleted.

Anonymous said...

Surely you've missed the "vile comment" posted at 16.12 as well?

Chris Paul said...

It's a bit vile, but not as bad by any means as the 20:53 one. It's a mixture. Dale shouldn't have been cruising in the outer over taking lane should he? John's right.

I'm only surprised that the essential direction of travel of the two right wingers has not been computed and a quibble to develop on that

Guido's noticed I's say here.