Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guido Fawkes: Hyper Critical of Times' Push Polling

Presumably the leading media ethicist and statistician Guido's co-conspirator responded: "By the weekend? What's wrong with immediately?"

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Dirty Euro said...

So much for guido the tory hamster being the scourge of the establishment. He has stood up for crooked politican.
I do not know if Osborune should resign as most politicans are crooked. Maybe he is just someone forced to be corupt by the system. But it does seem odd that you can get away with it when it is a open and shut case.
The tories admitted they considered a donation.
Serious claims are made by the other people that tories solicited an illegal donation and yet there will not even be an investigation. Why?

Why did Osbounre invite a fundraiser onto the yacht with him. Does he take his fundaraiser with him everywhere. Is it not suspicsous that he brought Feldman with him. Does he take him to alton towers. And why did so many idiotic tories get angry at the bbc reporting this story. It is a serious tory if a politcan wants to break the law.
I do not know Osboune he might be good guy but it seems odd that this can not even be investigated.
Well done to guido for standung up for crooked politcians. He is soooooooo the scoourge of corupt politicans. Wow Osborne must really fear Guido the way guido busted his guts out to save him.
Guido fawkes feared by all politcians unless he agrees with them then he does not care how corrupt they are.