Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogsclusive: Tory Boys Never Grow Up Comments

tory boys never grow up said ...

I suspect that the oily one is feeling a little sensitive at the moment given that his former boss's vehicle Glencore is a partner in Deripaska's aluminium empire. The history behind the "aluminium wars" that led to the creation of Deripaska's empire is perhaps one of the more colourful episodes in recent Russian business history.
And Osborne has now got himself into a position where Deripaska could break his career at anytime by corroborating Rothschild's account.
And the Tories propose that Osborne and Duncan should be in charge of the two main economic ministries if they come to power?? Whatever next? Calls for improved business ethics??

Googling Glencore + Aluminium + "Alan Duncan" gets just the one link. That's a Googlewhack! Take that you oily little bounder!! Whack whack whack!

UPDATE Thu 14:20: As some anal fool point out the LOL search terms are outwith the rules, being more than two terms and including quote marks. They provide a "slack whack", thanks very much to all with GSOH who are presumably off delving into Oily Duncan's links with Alu Oleg?


Everybody Hates Chris said...

I agree with virtually all you say about Osborne and the Who Wants To Meet A Billionaire affair – although I notice you can’t help yourself altering some facts.

However, I can’t believe the virtual free ride Mandelson is getting over this and have tried to imagine your reaction if a non-Labour EU Commissioner had:

* Met Deripaska while the EU investigated aluminium foil tariffs on the Russians and Chinese, including a company owned by Deripaska
* Later signed off a decision removing the 14.9% tariff on Deripaska’s firm
* Later still lied about when he had first met Deripaska, alongside Nat Rothschild
* Been a personal guest of Derupaska on several occasions

Chris Paul said...

Goodness me. But Mandelson has been cleared of any wrong doing, no? And he has studiously kept to the no speaking out of school rule, no? Including on AM only last weekend when his own record was questioned by Sophie wotsit. A prime opportunity to say: "But everywhere I looked there were Tory spivs on the make!" But he didn't.

When did he lie about any meeting? Please explain this remark. Looks rather libellous in fact.

Osborne has been exceedingly immature, and in seeking to bully the generalist reporter speaking to a generalist audience, that's Fogerty, Duncan has joined him in Remedial Politics 101.

These two are a disaster. Cameron has surrounded himself with lightweights with hubris coming out of their ears and their mouths.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Been cleared by who?


But as long as he didn't tell tales that makes it OK!!!

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Actually it’s not a Googlewhack in several ways. In the space of just thirteen words you are wrong on only four counts – so you are improving.

According to dave Gorman’s recent radio version of Googlewhacking the rules demand; using two words only; no inverted commas and the words must appear in the dictionary (probably excluding Glencore).

But even if it was, becuase you have put it online would mean that it is now no longer a Googlewhack. Imagine that, the mere fact that you have blogged it makes it untrue. Ah, the irony.

Chris Paul said...

Who gives a flying fiddle what Dave Gorman or Wiki says Adlard?

A Googlewhack - before Gorman even heard of such a thing, which I believe was as late as 2003 - was first out a Google search getting one hit. The inventor of the term Gary Stock quickly codified it as you suggest. Two terms - no quote marks.

In the meantime muppets like me scandalously use the term in the looser sense. And twits like you who have nothing to say quibble. Often passing off their quibbling as if they knew all along. When in fact they've been off googling.

Obviously a GW doesn't remain true once it has been outed.

Tell us something we don't know oh dear argumentative Adlard you.

Slight Slack Whacko said...

Gary calls such muppetry a "slack whack" or a "slightly slack whack" in the rules, which are very tight. Almost as tight as Anal Adlard.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

I didn't Google it. I heard it quoted on Radio 7 only last week. I don't use Google and neither should you.

It's my own fault really for giving you the opportunity to avoid the issue of our new Trade Secretary and his holiday arrangements. "Foiled" again, eh, Lord Hartlepool?

If I was to tell you things you didn't know I would have to hire staff, and in the present economic circumstances ......

Chris Paul said...

Listen Rob Adlard.

Your comments are tedious and you really should get a life. You readily accuse others of lying and being wrong yet you lie and be wrong all the time.

And virtually always off topic. Changing the subject. Do you have a problem with sticking to the point?

If you want to write about something other than the relationship of Alan Duncan to Rich and Oleg - or whatever a post is about - then get a blog or use your existing blog more.

In this instance Mandelson is winning hands down over Tory whippersnappers who are showing their inexperience. All totally unsuitable to govern any thing.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Sorry, I got the impression that this thread was about the aluminium wars. Oleg Deripaska and potential corruption in the British political system.

You asked me to tell you something you didn't know. Obviously you haven't read the Times piece that I have thougthfully provided a link to.

No need to thank me, just read and learn. That would be thanks enough.

Chris Paul said...

You're getting a bit cocky here, even by your standards Anal Rob.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Cocky AND anal?

But can you tell me what lies I have told?

And you still haven't commented on Mandelson's apparent lapse of memory?

Chris Paul said...

Mandelson's lapse of memory? I think actually that his people answered the question put to him. Surgically.

The Times piece is amusing in its way. Not very informative though. How many people were at this dinner? The place holds about 120 on two floors I'm told.

And was that even the first meeting of the two? Or simply an earlier meeting?

And finally to save your blushes as this story develops as it no doubt will: Are we supposed to believe that Davos was the first time GOO was in a room with Oleg?

I'd be surprised. GOO just doesn't speak weaselish as well as Mandy's people. Outside CCHQ he stated that he would provide a list of meetings in Corfu. The Davos one came as a bonus. But I'm not sure he's claimed this was an exhaustive list any more than Mandy did?

Everybody Hates Chris said...

If true, the Times piece is VERY informative. It would place Mandelson and Deripaska in a totally unminuted meeting in the midst of an investigation that massively affected the Russian's business affairs rather than after its completion. And therefore before the decision was made that Mandelson that gained Deripaska around £200 million (roughly two yachts).

The article also suggests that Mandelson, Rothschild and another of Deripaska's business associates flew in especially for this 'meeting'. They did so after the 2005 World Economic Forum in, er, Davos.

Hardly bumping into each other at McDonalds, is it?