Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lord Tebbit: Listen Oleg, Don't Lie With Osborne

Very good of Lord Tebbit to warn poor Oleg that he shouldn't lie down with the running dog lackey Grorge Osborne - or the oligarch might just catch fleas, or worse.

"I find it very hard to believe that Dear Oleg could have been so foolish as to offer a financial contribution to such a man as GOO, knowing that it would risk being an unlawful contribution. On the other hand, one has to say that Mr Deripaska should remember that
those who sleep with dogs will get fleas."

Bike Flea (right) by Canadian Jobseeker Derk Wolmuth.

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benchilltory said...

i do think Osbourne was wrong to hob nob with the filthy rich who have a dubious past, he should have stayed well away from Baron Fop !
Once Osbourne started blabbing about private conversation you just knew mandy would get his revenge.
50k from the richest man in Russia!
not much money really.i wonder what other secrets will come from the boat? it might have a sting in the tail for Labour!