Saturday, October 11, 2008

Iain Dale: Category Error on "Children as Props"

Gordon Brown has talked of his three children to Allison Pearson of the Mail and Iain lifts huge chunks for his blog here. The conflation of such an interview with Cameron's adventures in gimmickry with his offspring shows Dale quite simply forcing a very weak point.


Fitaloon said...

Who said this and when?

And so here I am - working for this incredible country, while trying as far as possible to give my children an ordinary childhood

Some people have been asking why I haven't served my children up for spreads in the papers

And my answer is simple

My children aren't props; they're people

Clue here.

Chris Paul said...

Don't need a clue. And Cameron doesn't have one. We're all allowed to love our children and to spoeak of that; but serving them up in photo opportunities is not love.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Two for the price of one with this link - a politician shamelessly using his children followed up by some pop psychology

Chris Paul said...

In my view that was a mistake EHC. But a set piece christmas card at most once a year is a different kettle of kitsch than these regular outings with the brood. Cam's a ham. As Blair was.

ted said...

You are becoming an even more hypocritical little creep than EHC has shown you to be.

Dirty Euro said...

The PM is going blind according the telegraph. I think that puts the tories in a pickle how can they mock a blind man. It makes them look like oiks of the lowest order.
Plus the queen is to made to look like a mad evil cow for mocking the PM when he was struggling to find his way at a visit when the queen mocked him for getting lost. Evil queen lock her up.

Wally Range said...

Your comment is way off subject, Dirty Euro. Expect a sermon and a mouthful of abuse from CP.

Ted, are you saying that EHC is slacking on he job?