Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lucy Beresford: "Psychotic Behaviour at First Hand"

Unlike slagging off her mortal enemy/father-figure Gordon Brown from afar then? Martin Waller at The Times City Diary had this in February 2008:

— Lucy Beresford is the latest City type to seek an alternative career in fiction. After ten years at Shearson Lehman and Barclays de Zoete Wedd, she qualified as a psychotherapist. “Working in the City enabled me to observe psychotic behaviour at first hand,” she says, I assume in jest. Former colleagues would know.
Her Something I’m Not is published next month, a look at mothering and whether mothers all really love their children. Beresford has yet another career as the presenter of the Bad Sex Awards for the Literary Review. How on earth did you land that job? “Practise, Martin, practise.”

Here's some Beresford drivel insight on hostages from July 2007 when she was again captioned as a Priory habituée. How on earth, and for that matter when, did this woman "qualify as a psychotherapist"? And why did the BBC not caption this quack "failed city girl, Tory, self-appointed shrink" instead of the rather grand "psychologist"?

UPDATE: Unity has more. Please please please let her be a former Tory PPC.

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