Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Iain Dale: OK for Bloggers to Misrepresent Electoral Law

Iain Dale got on his high horse over a Dispatches investigation into Tory donation schemes.

This is a storm in teacup surely? Far worse things happen at sea. £334 was involved. The Tories' own ruse to make donations this amount was the weakness. But a journalist joining a political party or support group for a snoop?

Did we have this faux outrage from Dale when that wally Ian Cobain from the Guardian infiltrated the BNP and wrote them a four Berliner page advert about the lack of thugs and the presence of ordinary people, ballerinas even?

Or when a Sunday Times undercover student cub reporter caught silly Labour people in Leeds doing silly war stories and possibly real abuse of PVs; or generating template letters (Dispatches that one, journo infiltrated, rumbled, i.e. ditto) or the like?

We all know it's the Lib Dems they should be looking at. I'd recommend Rochdale for a start.

Unity at the Ministry of Truth shows how Tories are hoist by their own petard.

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