Friday, October 24, 2008

Iain Dale: Tories Should Release The Dogs of War

Absolutely brilliant! Make Pope Iain Dale the chief strategist for the Tories. And do it immediately if you please.

HERE Mr Dale calls for all out war against the Socialist Horde.

Best comment so far comes from the Lib Dem Voicer Lawrence Boyce:


dIRTY EURO said...

What like the way the tories don't care if there lot are corrupt. Wow that m,ake change thenm. Yeah well done dale get all the tories to stand up for crooke4d tories and pretend there is a good reason for it.
It is just an excuse to stand by crooked tories when they should be fired. Dale is a pain in the political society. :

dIRTY EURO: said...

If a tory cabinet man was found over a dead body with blood dripping from a knife he was carrying shouting that 'll teach you. Dale would say look there's no evidence he did the murder leave him alone. This is bull shit dales argument.

jailhouselawyer said...

I must say I saw that Laurence Boyce comment and thought it was ace.