Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Iain Dale: A Very Bad Case of PMQ Tension?

Here, says Iain Dale, is the moment "Speaker Martin lost his job". By which he apparently means "won't get to keep the job if Tories get in". Which is quite different now isn't it? Though great to see some uncertainty creeping in over at Faulty Toe-ers and among his Tory MP informants.

Mr Dale unbelievably scored today's PMQs 7-7-7. Oh dear. And here he decides that Question Time should "empty chair" Labour because Phil Woolas MP is no longer available to appear. And here he is inciting insurrection over the Government's by-all-means-necessary freezing of Icelandic assets.

Not to forget yesterday's hostage to fortune on the subject of compulsory Tory street warfare to save GOO's sad ass. Apparently:

Cameron displays courage under fire which we must all hope George Osborne can emulate. He is as vital to the Cameron project as Tord Grip was to Sven. He must also trust his instincts.

Whatever happened to the Sven-Tord double act. Sacked twice these last few years is what. Certainly not running a country just now.


tory boys never grow up said...

So Dale scored it a draw - so GB must have won it by a mile if past form is anything to go by.

benchilltory said...

comrade Skinner,what an arse.
The man is nothing more than a club turn.
Is he still going out with that millionairess?

Dirty Euro: said...

Skinner is a comedy genius he made the tories wet themselves.
It seems tory politicans can get away with corruption. Well done all you tory bloggers for standing up for corruption you must be proud.
Maybe Osbounre is OK but he did act corruplty. End of story. I am sorry but he really should resign.