Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lib Dem Fibbery: Chris Davis Premature Ejaculation

This is an odd one. Rochdale online's headline is "Rochdale MEP wins €10billion vote to fight climate change". Leaving aside the geographical gaffe - Chris Davis MEP is a regional MEP along with eight others - we then find that:

Now Chris Davies MEP starts a hectic month of meetings with ministers across Europe to try and win a majority in favour of the plan.

So the Saddleworth Clown has not won a penny yet? Is that it you Lib Dems??


Anonymous said...

Take a leaf out of the book of the 'Rochdale' MEP who loves the Amsterdam Treaty.

Calm down, chill out and skin up.

Groovy man.

Anonymous said...

"Rochdale" MEP and advocate of medicinal weed.

Talking of weeds, what does Rochdale spin muppet dodgy Dave Hennegan think of illegal drug taking?

Tough on crime...?

Anonymous said...

Hes'' too potted to know

Anonymous said...

Leaving aside the geographical gaffe - Chris Davis MEP is a regional MEP along with eight others

Now I'm not one to stand up for Chris Davies MEP (who is in any case a walking advertisement for why not to vote LibDem), but this is a silly criticism - you know very well that MEPs of all colours do this.

Of course if a local resident in Rochdale approaches their CLP to ask who their local MEP is, they'll be told that Gary Titley is the person to see - with no mention even of the other two Labour MPs for the region!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Ian, well said. Problem starts when people asked for their MEPs who were elected as Lib Dems. Shallow, opportunistic MEPs like Saj Karim would then have to be discussed.

Shame that his promise to bring 'loads' of Liberals to the Tories didn't work. He ended up with about 2, I think?

Chris Paul said...

I'd left that aside Iain! But I would say that Chris Davies MEP is the only one who plays this "XYZ's MEP" card in this way. Are Atkins, Dover and Sumberg all retiring this time?

Anonymous said...

Not quite true, Chris. Or to put it another way you are wrong/lying.

Feast your eyes on these clippings

Arlene McCarthy - Labour MEP for the Peak District

Arlene McCarthy represents Chester, Crosby, Ellesmere Port & Neston

As the MEP for Manchester, I (Arlene McCarthy) want Europe to take action

AN MEP for Warrington is calling for the introduction of fire safe' cigarettes. Arlene McCarthy

Arlene McCarthy is a Labour MEP for Chester and Merseyside

MEP for Liverpool & Manchester, Arlene McCarthy