Monday, October 20, 2008

Paddy Power: Paying Out Now on Obama for President?

No, Dave Hennigan, that's not you! So says Mike Smithson who had the true grit to recommend a 50-1 bet - following his own advice - on 26 May 2005. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Cyril looks to have lost a lot of weight, or is that another EHC alleged photoshop moment?

Chris Paul said...

Don't think it's Cyril? Though you're right there is a look of a spanking ball groper about the older man.

The pic btw is genuine and has seen no photoshopping at all. Unlike the picture of Adlard's band I saw recently ... well dodgy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he is having a coronary.
So if the old fella wins we are a heartbeat away from getting President Palin.


Chris Paul said...

Outrageous that these clowns even put that woman up for this office. If against all the odds they won I reckon she'd be bounced out of there quicker than you can say:

"The President is having a senior moment and will be back to you ... eventually"

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Did you see Tom Ridge at the weeknd conceding that Obama WILL win the popular vote.

Rather ominously, he then went on to say that McCain could still win the electoral college, and hence the Presidency.

Friends in the US tell me that Colorado is shaping up to be the 'new Florida' - and I don't think they meant as a holiday destination.

Watch out for more battles over dimpled, pregnant and hanging chad.

On the positive side, I also hear that states like Indiana are back in play for the blue team.

Chris Paul said...

I can't see Colorado being as important this time as Florida was the last two, particularly if Florida goes Blue as per the polls.

Turnout is the key. More gaffes from McCain/Palin welcome. Even the reverse Bradley effect could play. Could it even be that people will claim to be voting for McCain-Palin but actually find themselves going Obama-Biden as the alternative of an old man and a loose cannon is not really tenable? Rather than the other way round?