Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saucy Satanic Sluts Gate: Another Resignation

Controller of BBC Radio 2 Lesley Douglas has resigned. Statement from Trust has arrived ... dismayed ... remarks ... intrusion ... Statement from Director General will follow. UPDATE 17:58: BBC Catch Up.
UPDATE 18:30: Ross off air and fined 3/12 = £1.5M.
UPDATE 21:35: Lakelander thinks Brand is back in with the Bullingdon Hill Charlies set. I don't know about that but will add to blogroll.


The Lakelander said...


As you are on my blog roll I feel that I'm entitled to post a gratuitous link to my theory about this whole sorry affair.

You can see it here

It's all to do with that old comment about - how does God tell you have too much money?

Chris Paul said...

How does God tell you have too much money??

Is the answer something like : You send your kids to a crappy preppy independent school for £8,000 a term even though there's a perfectly good (free) community high school with better value added on your own street.

Probably not knowing you knowing me.

benchilltory said...

abolish the licence fee,bring in subscription instead.

Chris Paul said...

How much would you pay per week per BBC channel BHT? And how much for the ten or so national and dozens of regional radio stations?

The Lakelander said...

I have no axe to grind against Auntie Beeb.

One of my cousins is a Lighting Director at BBC Television.

Another one of my cousins was a secretary at BBC Radio and has since been retired on a very good pension, as she is an MS sufferer.

I pay a licence fee for BBC in both the houses I own and consider both licenses pretty good value for money.

I've been interviewed on BBC Radio 4 and I'm happy to say that one of the things that I think most defines us as "British" is BBC Radio.

How does God tell you that you have too much money? FFS! Have you never watched Miami Vice?

Chris Paul said...

Miami what?

The Lakelander said...

Chris..if you're my side of 40, "Miami Vice" had a huge influence on your fashion tastes.

I'm assuming you have some fashion tastes.........