Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taking It To The Max: Clifford Taking Care of Business

Max Clifford tells Sky News (today, Thursday) that Russell Brand is benefitting from the current cause celeb, and indeed his DVD sales have increased dramatically AND he has time in his diary to do better than £200,000 of earnings with.

Max Clifford tells The Guardian what's what:

PR agent Max Clifford, speaking today (Wednesday) on behalf of Baillie, said she was "angry, upset and disappointed".
"She is disappointed with what Russell Brand said. She felt genuinely surprised and disappointed that Russell would say those things about her," Clifford added of Baillie, who has just returned from Vienna, where she was touring with burlesque group the Satanic Sluts.
"I haven't spoken to her about Jonathan Ross, but she doesn't know Jonathan - she thought she knew Russell Brand - they have been friends for a year or so, but I haven't got a clue how they met.

Max Clifford didn't quite have it right (Tuesday) when he pimped for both naughty boys here:

He said: "Both Jonathan and Russell are well-known for their lurid sense of humour and behaviour, so it never came as a real surprise."
"But it was a stupid thing to do - they got it wrong, but I don't think they're going to be sacked over this because there would have to be a massive public outcry and that's not really what's happening.
"It all depends on how the BBC and the presenters handle it - they have to make very clear they got it wrong by genuinely apologising and making it up with Andrew."

So does Max also have a business relationship with the until recently very out of the news Mr Sachs? Last hit = Fawlty Towers. And is there perchance a pattern of losing a client and getting busy? Pets' Eye View.


Wally Range said...

I don't often go along with the maxim of automatically taking one view of a disagreement just because a particular person supports the opposite. But with Max Clifford I come pretty bloody close.

Chris Paul said...

But isn't he riding all four horses? In which case where does that leave you trying to do the opposite??

Wally Range said...

That's exactly the problem. I can't be neutral where he's concerned so in this case I have to be against everybody (luckily that's not a problem given the circumstances)

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Clifford makes great play of earning his money by getting stories into the press but claims he earns more by keeping other stuff out of the newspapers.

If he is batting for both sides then he is gaining money under false pretences. Every time he serves one side he will be failing the other.

Good news though, Walter. As Clifford is a Labour supporter you should find it easier to keep to your mantra of opposing everything the grubby little fixer touches.