Friday, October 24, 2008

Slap Happy: Rochdale's Dark Satanic Schoolmaster

Given the mighty allegations against slap-happy Cyril, chastising the bare asses of miscreant youths of a tender age at Cambridge House in Rochdale, it was interesting to see former headteacher Paul Rowen squirming on a Party People special on smacking presented by Rob McLoughlin.

Rowen was against parents smacking. But regretted his own smack happy behaviour of the past when he had held the whip hand in schools.

Would Sir Cyril Smith MBE be against parents smacking? Remembering he wanted to hang the innocent and atrociously badly represented - by former Tory Asbestos Minister Baron Waddington - Stephan Kisko for a crime actually committed, as it turned out, by a scion of a prominent Cyril-supporting Lib Dem household in the town.

Would Sir Cyril Smith MBE like to apologise for his own abuse of power in smacking, bollock-grabbing and wet sponge mangling in smack-victims' bedrooms activities?

And while we're at it:

Would Sir Cyril Smith MBE like to admit his terrible misjudgements over the safety of Asbestos, past present and future?


Anonymous said...

Boring same old shit Piss Balls.

Why are you acting the puppet for an ex tory councillor with a gambling problem? Sad.

Anonymous said...

Started on the White Lightning early tonight Dave?
So you find the spanking of children boring do you?
I dread to think what floats your boat then.

Paul Rowen hit children as part of his job. To use the rationale of the Smith borthers, it was accepted back then, many did it.

But even back in the 1960s, when attitudes were different, what Cyril is alledged to have done at Cambridge House was seen as a perverted crime.

To get away with such abuse, if it occured, is a stain on Rochdale.

No weasle words of apology should suffice. This requires a police investigation.

Chris Paul said...

Dave Hennigan (anon 20:56), for it is you, I'm going to leave that comment up. Unless you ask me to take it down. If you posted with a blogger iD from any of the main platforms and in your own name as you promised you could remove your own crap. It looks a bit off to me. And particularly coming from you.

Anon 23:58: I believe there was a police investigation and copious affidavit's and other evidence. The then plain Cyril, then a Labour councillor escaped being charged, convicted and punished for reasons which could not be understood by local police officers. And of course no action was taken against either Rochdale Alternative Paper or Private Eye for reporting on the evidence. David Steel famously characterised Cyril's activity as:
"Just a few smacked bottoms"

In an entirely separate example of stains on Rochdale's social care - far worse than Dale Mulgrew getting no stars - were the goings on at Knowl View nr Norden. What happened to the police investigations over that? And are people really still suspended on full pay and told to "shut it sunshine"?

I was in Norden earlier this evening as it goes, and Spotland too. And I'm working in Rochdale all weekend as it happens. Investigating this and that.

Anonymous said...

Then this is a cold case that needs to be reopened.
Justice and the truth must prevail.