Friday, October 31, 2008

Slash and Burniacs: 99% Need Economics 101

Following his "so weak" soft-spoken question to Gordon Brown plagiarised from Benedict Brogan Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF aka Paul Staines cherry picks from a recent push survey carried out by ComRes. With false dichotomies and leading questions set by the Slash and Burniacs from the Taxpayers' Alliance. Asked during October some time. Which facts Staines forgets to mention:

* 67% of people now think we are paying the price for government overspending.
* 59% of people agree tax cuts would be a better response to the downturn than increased public spending. Only 18 percent disagree.
* 68% supported an immediate and substantial cut in interest rates.
* 67% agreed that Gordon Brown should take a 10 percent pay cut.

The missing question:
What is your understanding of Economics? Answer: 87% said "really piss poor" and only 1% said "I get some of that shit" while 12% "don't know".

If you want to read a real ComRes poll go here. For the Independent, 28 October.

UPDATE 14:23: Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF has banned me from commenting on his blog again. he had zapped one already but below is the comment that did it this time.

Just for catching him (a) plagiarising un-arithmetically from a mainstream media blog when he is always moaning about MSM repeating "his" stories; and (b) pointing out that he, who recently complained about The Times push polling, is pimping a push poll from the Slash and Burniacs at the so-called Tax-Payers' Alliance, or Provisional GOOBOZCAMeroonies; and (c) for being a ******* ***** **** too no doubt.


Chris Paul said...

Those bleeding heart Libertarians! Can take a good thing too far ... Staines believes in "Me Speech" not Free Speech.

Chris Paul said...

"Me Speech"? very good, "Chris Paul"