Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Sleaze Round Ups: From Guido to LDV

Guido Fawkes - that scyther down of tall grasses - without fear or favour strangely manages to concentrate on papers with Mandy stories and neglects to include The Observer with their nice Rothschild dummy company loans story. Guido does manage to link to some recycled titillation about Osborne and Rothschild. Perhaps they should seek advice from Max Mosley at this juncture? You may recognise the young lady (above) from this post with floral arrangement failing to sufficiently hide either her visage or the traces of fast living on the table. Lib Dem Voice has an alternative selection including Ozzy/Tory bits Guido neglected from Observer, Mirror, Telegraph and so on.


Culture Vulture said...

Who would have thought that Goo would last longer than Juan de Ramos?

Anonymous said...

there is a light dusting of snow in London this morning.

Is this an omen?