Sunday, October 26, 2008

Terror Bank of Bjork: LDV Fall For Dale Sophistry?

Richard Huzzey at Lib Dem Voice may be missing a rare moment of positive unintended consequences for TWOT Law used against Icelandic Bank. Here's my response:

[rhetorical?]If a government is committed to using all means necessary to protect its citizens and their assets, and that government finds at a time of stress that an unintended consequence of some anti-Terror law or other is a very snappy means to freeze the assets of rogue banks who have been spreading fear and loathing in a civilian population, wouldn't it be rather stupid to try and possibly fail closing the door with some more cranky legislation?

If anyone is being dubbed Terrorist by this use of this law it is clearly not Icelandic citizens who are also experiencing Terror at the hands of these banks ... Doh! It is the terrifying stop-at-nothing al-Geyser banks.

But even that is a pretty silly construct. To avoid repetition of this scenario the government might like to transfer the powers in this law into into a Finance Act and probably will do so. But in the meantime isn't this rather a case of swords into plough shares? [/rhetorical?]

We expect cloudy hysteria from retro-Dale. But sunny intervals from progressive LDV.

Iceland have more important things to worry about than a non-slur on their good characters. International Aluminium Wars anyone? Oleg Deripaska seems to have missed a trick on the smelting front.

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Anonymous said...

any opportunity to show a cheeky photo of Bjork is a good thing.