Friday, November 14, 2008

Asbestos in schools comment

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Asbestos in Schools:
Foolish Rowen Backs Up Cyril":

1. Rochdale DLP open website hacked into and a put of Milliband posted?
At as time when Rochdale Lib Dems were in trouble wit claims about
Cyril Smith? Fist posted on as Lib Dem blog but soonafter Dave Hennigan
boasting about his victory of getting the story in the Daily Express?

2. Adam Power claiming that he had spoken to Tony Lloyd MP's and had
information to kill an embarressing article about Cyril Smith? Adam
Getting caught out telling lies about it and now a denial that he even
works for paul Rowen MP's Lib Dem Rochdale office?

3. Dave Hennigan getting very shirty publicly after getting found out
recyling very old stories about a Cyril Smith portrait being donated to
the National Liberal Club by the Ogden Trust? This happened in March
08, reported again by the Ogden Trust in Aug 08 for Cyril's 80th pie
and DeLorean bash, and now hitting the headlines again in the week that
a Parliamentary EDM has been tabled calling for Cyril to be stripped of
his knighthood.

These pathetic attempts at spinning follow a clear pattern.

All paid for by taxpayer's money too?

Time for an audit and investigation of Rochdale Liberal Democrat
Accounting Unit?

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