Saturday, November 15, 2008

Erratum: Philippa Storm Dorries' Dad A Scouser

Apologies all round. In this post stretching too far for a Barack Obama reference we stated that Paul Dorries, second divorced husband of inveterate fibber MP and Spectator "Reader's Representative" Nadine Dorries, was Southern Africa born.

Wrong. In fact further research shows he is Liverpool-born, knew Nads before her first marriage, and was a Gold Digger or Diamond Digger or the like in Zambia when Nadine née Bargery, free of her first husband, went prospecting herself. "Running Community School" etc in the dark continent.

Nadine's blog has still not let us know about her appointment of eldest daughter PSD to a top parliamentary role. Or even told us about the new intern as promised ... Come on Nads you must be bursting with pride that your own daughter won through your oh so tough interview procedure.

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Chris Paul said...

Copper digger, as it goes, Mr Paul Dorries.