Friday, November 07, 2008

AVAAZ: Sending a Million Messages to Barack Obama

Just in from Avaaz:

The Global Message to Obama Wall in Washington DC is becoming a powerful symbol of unity and reconciliation between the US and the World. Follow the link to sign it online:
Take action now!
In just 24 hours, over 150,000 people from 189 countries have signed and sent a message for Barack Obama to our huge global wall in the centre of Washington DC, and it has been covered on CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and in the US on front pages of two of the biggest newspapers and on the evening news!
Together, we're helping to seize Obama's election as a major global moment for unity and reconciliation, when the US can finally join with the world community in facing our common challenges together. Our message congratulates Obama on his election and commitments to stop climate change, withdraw from Iraq, double aid for poverty, ban torture and more.
Avaaz's Global Message to Obama Wall in Washington DC has become THE place for citizens around the world to speak to Obama. If you haven't already, follow the link to add your name, and send this email to friends and family who might want to join in:

Million Messages to Obama

Change will not come easily to the US or its foreign policy. Entrenched interests -- including oil companies, war contractors, and neo-con ideologists -- stand in the way. But those interests have always sought to divide us -- the greater international unity and goodwill we have, the better we'll be able to confront the challenges head on and make progress as one world. The Global Obama Message Wall is a symbol of change and an investment in the new goodwill between the US and the world -- with major global climate change negotiations coming up next month, it will not be long before that good will is tested. Let's get to a million messages to Obama!

With hope,

Ricken, Graziela, Iain, Brett, Paul, Alice, Milena, Paula, Ben and the whole Avaaz Team.

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