Friday, November 07, 2008

In Praise Of: Luke Akehurst's Current Purple Patch

Councillor Luke Akehurst is having a purple patch of good sense and spot on research. Here's his summary of some of the hypocrisy of the Conservative leader and his cohorts. They were rooting for McCain. They were even rooting for the dangerous-to-know Sarah Palin. Now they're trying to jump on Obama's coat tails. And between the brilliant result in the US of A and the brilliant result in Glenrothes the Tories are like headless chickens.

Here's a brilliantly penned comment at Iain Dale's unattended wake for Glenrothes with a kindly link to yours truly:

Well done to the Tories for overtaking the Lib Dems in the also rans. Tellingly Salmond tried to coat tail Obama just as Cameron has been doing. Theirs is NOT the change people want. Just now, for how long I do not know, the people WANT BIGGER, KINDLIER GOVERNMENT.
And they certainly do not want separatists who compare themselves economically to Iceland, or men whose claim to inexperience is ten times as great as Obama's.
Cameron has never lived. The word verification calls him "canker". Which is going too far but he represents the experienced in:
- never having any struggle
- always being top dog
- economic liberalism
- national isolationism
- feed the rich
- stuff the poor
- jolly boating weather
And what's more he has NOT GOT A PLAN. Apart from self aggrandisement.


Anonymous said...

"Cameron has never lived. The word verification calls him "canker".

Not sure that the word verification has it right either.


Chris Paul said...

You may be right GW.