Friday, November 07, 2008

Glenrothes Says To Alex Salmond: "No Baby You Can't"

Hallelujah! Like Dave Cameron before him Alex Salmond tried to use Senator Barack Obama's catch phrase to curry favour in Fife.

Fife said GTF You Wee Natty Numpty.

At this stage in proceedings 6,000 majority for Labour is a really excellent result for Scottish Labour and for Gordon Brown himself.

Alex Salmond, or ASS for short, has lost his shirt with his clumsy attempt at a betting sting. No one likes being taken for a fool Alex.

Cameron too will find his feeble attempt to shirt-tail Barack "Frozone" Obama ends in a big chill for the Conservatives. Not the change we want.


Dirty Euro said...

So where is all the press furoe about the labour by election defeat last night.
I don't get it.
I mean labour lost didn't they. Where is all the tory pblogs calling for the PM to resign.
Tory blogs does not compute labour victory tory computer malfunction. Tory blogs in meltdown.

Chris Paul said...

They don't know where to look and whether to slash across or down their wrists. Some are calling for an early General Election.

And my early bet on June 2009 is actually out of the bottom drawer and promoted again to the back burner.

benchilltory said...

i have to say it was an excellent result for your lot.
why it happened is the important question.why was'nt this spotted.
there will be no election until after we see a one off large winter fuel payment to the old folk

Anonymous said...

Unoticed by most political commentators was that a lot of Tory supporters, believing in the Union,voted tactically to stop the separatists getting in.
That, and the SNP being the "government" in Scotland, and therefore suffering accordingly for unpopular decisions.

Chris Paul said...

BHT: Clearly there are payements already with pretty good "cold snap" top ups.

Anonymous: Doh!

Point one ... the Tory vote went down by around 1,000. In other seats Tory voters have put in SNP MPs, MSPs. They're opportunist chameleons. The biggest gain fro the SNP by far was from tactical Lib Dems. they lost 80% of their votes.

Point two ... why thank you. LOL didn't realise there were any local conditions like this. Fact remains this is THE FIRST time government has increased absolute number of votes in a by-election since Beaconsfield 26 years ago (Falklands) and biggest such increase for 42 years.