Friday, November 07, 2008

Meaningless Prank: Finger Points at Foolish Mr GuF

Opposing Identity Cards for any one of a dozen reasons is a perfectly reasonable position to take. I've done a bit of that myself after all. But the single-issue campaigns seem to be staffed by IDiots and the Wanky Pranky Mr GuF is covering, or even carrying out himself, really isn't making much sense at all.

There is no proposal to mass fingerprint us. Fingerprints have no place on or in the proposed iD cards. And this useful technology is an ancient stalwart of policing. With little or no connection to the paranoid dystopia being peddled by the IDiot GuF.

Carrying round a full set of dabs, at my fingertips, has become a way of life for me. Having a set of Jackie Smith's - stolen by a loon - instead of my own does not float my boat. GuF is an IDiot with bad intent.

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Mr. Jolly said...

"There is no proposal to mass fingerprint us."

From those terrible peddlers of paranoid dystopia, at the err, Home Office...

Introducing the National
Identity Scheme

"The major new safeguard included when you enrol for either a
passport or an identity card will be an image of your fingerprints.
Therefore, you will need to visit one of our partner businesses to have
your photograph taken and to record your fingerprints."