Thursday, November 06, 2008

Interesting Times: New Blog, Facebook for Rochdale

Person or persons unknown, with too much time on their hands, or make that just the right amount of time on their hands have launched a new blog, by t'name of Rochdale RAW - Rochdale Alternative Website - in homage to RAP - Rochdale Alternative Paper.

What a day! With a new Facebook Group calling for Sir Cyril to be demoted in disgrace to plain old Cyril AND a new website devoted to Rochdale shenanigans. What a pleasure to live in such interesting times.

RAW have a link to a lovely story on Rochdale Online. This describes how local ne'er-do-wells will soon be identified by day-glo tabards ... and I've even found one big enough to fit the Godfather of them all to show readers how this works:


old rapper said...

That's a very srange grimmace on Cyril's face.

What happened to the arm fixed between the 2 seats Cyril is dominating?

Chris Paul said...

Bloody good question old rapper, keep 'em coming.