Tuesday, November 18, 2008

British National Party: Helping Them Counter Misinformation

Lanky Patriot runs an unofficial pro-BNP blog and has been out spreading the word:

There will be an inaugural meeting of Leigh BNP next Thursday 13 th November at 8 pm.
For further details please ring me on 01744 892430.
We are hoping to build another group in Leigh which up to now has been somewhat neglected but we have information that there is a growing support in the town. We are seeking to counter the misinformation about our party put out by the media, which has it's own agenda to deprive the people of the truth.
We aim to demonstrate the way we have been denied our democratic rights and suggest ways to restore it.

Let's hear that again:

"We are seeking to counter the misinformation about our party put out by the media, which has it's own agenda to deprive the people of the truth."

Spreading the truth about the BNP is one of the most worthy endeavours I have ever seen listed as a purpose on a fascist nazi racist BNP site.

Indeed it is an endeavour I can sign up to myself. So by way of blowing any misinformation you may have heard about the BNP out of the water ...

I can confirm that they certainly are NOT nice people. They ARE racists. They ARE hate mongers. Many ARE criminals. And although they don't like to answer to these names, strictly speaking they are FASCISTS and NAZIS too and this post was put up just 24 hours before the reputational rescue above was launched:

The full discussion around Black History Month at the Wigan and Leigh Bunker can be read right here. Busting all those liberal myths good style Lanky Patriot. Well done!

Peel Holdings and MART and all those other anti-progress wingnuts must be delighted to have the region's anti-progress BNP wingnuts very much on board in the battle against the Greening of Manchester Transport. Hallelujah! Start up the Truth Truck.

FOOTNOTE: Lanky Patriot aka GrandsonTom also has another blog. Goodness me, the young man with the microphone has a delightful singing voice! But Gordon wants to stealth tax it ... "We're not just here about immigration. We're not just a race party ..." etc Seems Nick Griffin and Co are also a we'll party when we want to party.

POSTSCRIPT: If anyone can tell me who gave the blushing nazi fascist freak Derek Adams a prize for his Brit History collage I'd very much like to blog about that. Might even work in the story of how a comrade from Respect cosied up to Del Boy at the 2005 2006 Count and stage whispered in his ear: "I bet you've got a really small willy haven't you?" But then again that's perhaps a little coarse. Delete "willy" replace with "penis"? Anyway, Derek didn't hang around. Just in case the trotty girl debagged him single-handed.
Just to check her little theory. Good science skills.


Rayatcov said...

What a load of old codswallop this site is.
Not one word of substance, just abuse.I have always thought that once anyone starts using abuse in a discussion with you, then you have won the argument.

Of course Labour's statement to Manchester citizens that if they vote against a congestion charge in the forthcoming referendum they will not get any money for transport as promised. That's true democracy isn't it.

Chris Paul said...

And you are the European Union of Truth?. All reliable facts there then. And no wingnut rants.

Clearly it is a problem for the NO campaign when it is supported by the BNP, self interested shop keepers at the Trafford Centre, anarchists, and oh yes Conservatives. Not on the merits but just for the sake of clear blue water and toxic air quality for the non-driving lower orders.

Voting NO said...

Wasn't there a link between the BNP in Tameside and MART? They seemed quite cosy in the local press an that's why I think Peel dropped support for MART.