Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BNP News: YES to Congestion, Paradoxical Wreath Laying

As well as corroborating the LOL Story about Manchester BNP's pencil pecker Derek Adams calling for a NO vote with more tales from Wigan the very splendid Manchester Confidential have this tale of ironic remembrance:

BNP stressing themselves and others?
It seems that the BNP has come out all over Greater Manchester. On Wednesday one of our readers got in touch about a display van going around town with the face of a battered white gent and the strapline: 'The police ignore racist violence'. The police of course completely reject this. Meanwhile, another of our readers texted us this picture of a wreath at the St Peter’s Square Cenotaph. Sleuth supposes that we all have the right to pay respects to the war dead, but didn’t our forbears of many creeds and colours die in a struggle against a regime which used nationalism as a weapon of hate against other races? The BNP would perhaps deny that they do the latter, but a look at core policies on their website seems to indicate the opposite with its talk of deportation and resettlement. In a city such as Manchester defined by the cultural mix of Brit and immigrant these claims seem particularly unwelcome. In a country with a racial mix which began thousands of years ago, it simply doesn't make sense.

They laid one officially in Halifax too ... according to BNP Goebbels-ganda:

Mr Godridge gave an impassioned talk about the role and duty of a British National Party representative on Remembrance Sunday. He had been asked to lay a wreath on behalf of the BNP, because as a former member of the Parachute Regiment, he was able to relate to the perils of the present day war in Afghanistan where many ‘Paras’ have lost their lives.

Though not perhaps to relate to the paradox of Marc Collett and others hero-worshipping Hitler, finding images of goose-stepping Nazis rather priapic, and of course promising to rule the streets with neo-Nazi thugs.

Why ever did UKIP give this lot a wide berth when they offered an electoral pact?


Krystal Balls said...

The BNP are slightly redundant here, what with Phil Woolas making most of their points for them.

Chris Paul said...

Not really. He hates them and their apologists with a vengence. And in his constituency I've heard it has in the past been Lib Dems running with the communalism version of the different message on every doorstep meme.

Let's just say Phil got a lesson in what order the thinking and speaking would best be done in a sensitive portfolio. Leave it at that for now?

Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Chris Paul said...


Krystal Balls said...

No, evidence!

Krystal Balls said...

tr.v. ev·i·denced, ev·i·denc·ing, ev·i·denc·es
1. To indicate clearly; exemplify or prove.
2. To support by testimony; attest.

You see, this is how decent people do things. You make a statement and then you back it up with some supporting evidence. Especially if your statement is outrageous or controversial.

Your method is to make things up as you go along. There is also a word for that.