Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cllr Neil Trafford: Killed In Motorway Accident On Sunday

Neil Trafford (third from left, at Marie Louise Gardens) has died in a tragic motorway accident. Heard about this six or seven hours ago now. Hard to believe. But it's now very much official. Didn't know Neil at all. And unlike his local colleagues rarely if ever included him on the blog by direct or indirect mention. Which is something of a thumbs up I suppose.

Very highly thought of by his party contacts:

Lib Dem Voice | Jonathan Wallace | Irfan Ahmed | Anders Hanson. Councillor for Barlow Moor and then Didsbury West for over five years. Regional Campaign Officer for Lib Dems.


SteveCooke said...

Neil was a truly lovely man - I'm going to miss him.

Anonymous said...

Interesting - I wonder if the British Natzi Party will try and jump onboard at the bye-election.

Perhaps Chris, with your contacts you might keep us informed.

Anonymous said...

Fought against Neil and he was a gent throughout but a very tough campaigner. I'm sure very many will miss him.

Iain Lindley said...

Such a shame Chris that even when discussing the tragic and sudden death of a 33-year-old, you couldn't resist a subtle dig at John Leech and others.

Chris Paul said...

That was no dig Iain. And it was not subtle. That was a very strong compliment for Neil. On the illustrated MLG campaign he was not only successful but also avoided compromising himself as the others did. It is a real thumbs up that he managed that in my opinion.

Such a shame that you couldn't resist making a fatuous point like this. I was tempted to remove it to be quite honest. But not to change the post.

More geese than swans now live, more fools than wise, spake Orlando Gibbons. Is all.