Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tory Health Warning: Visuals for Lansley's Sanitorium?

I've always held Andrew Lansley to be a problem. And I mused on his resignation speech at the foot of this post only yesterday.

An innumerate muppet he is. Full of endless cheer, not. Beautiful bedside manner, not. Lovely warm hands as he ministers to our needs, not. Pessimistic, exaggerated and darn right wrong propaganda nonsense after P, E and DRW ditto. Too quick to cut to boot.

But Alex just can't decide. If you're going to be Idle like Lansley, which stream of Tory unconsciousness (above) would you prefer for wallpaper at the sanitorium? You can help Alex who is twiddling his thumbs very happily nay ecstatically. Doing less drugs. Drinking less Bollie. Eating less deep-fried Mars bars. And who no-longer has a big coughing three-pipe habit on his hands. (That's Lansley you berk, Ed.)

Go HERE and express your opinion before recession euphoria and delighted healthy idleness, unless you go mental, takes over completely.

The accident prone shadowy health mimicster has been to A and E and apologised for actually saying what Dave's thinking. But perhaps it is all enlightened self interest as marbles have been lost along the way. Perhaps this was, as Doctor Tom Watson MP diagnosed, a combined cry for help and commitment to increase spending?

"Nurse! Nurse!" cries Dinsdale Lansley, My Head HURTS!"

Sadly Andrew's Blu Blog has been surgically excised from the Tory Health Warning Zone and any caches thereof. Which Toilet Blu Blog incidentally and generally speaking looks rather like an advert for Domestos - Kills All Known Hope.

So thank the lord for Mr Watson who has saved a copy for prosperity. Or lack of prosperity. Something like that. (It's Posterity you chump, Ed). Click to enlarge.


CityUnslicker said...

I did not understand any of this and I read it twice, the grammar and wording are not up to it. Sorry, I tried.

Chris Paul said...

Here you go City Unslicker, version for the hard of thinking:

1. Same old Tories out themselves - choice of two videos to catchy song by the appropriately named Eric Idle;

2. Same Old Lansley - complete fool;

3. Blu Blog - looks like Domestos advert.

Chris Paul said...


"I did not understand any of this, and I read it twice. The grammar and wording are not up to it.

Sorry, I tried."

Would be better form.