Monday, November 03, 2008

Cyril-occhio: Needn't Work There, Could've Left

Sir Cyril Smith OBE, former MP came out fighting on BBC Northwest. Claiming there was and is no danger to the general public and that those who worked at TBA in Rochdale's Spodden Valley knew the dangers and could've left.

This interview was recorded just days after a young woman from the region died from the effects of cancer either from her school, or from her walk to school which went close by a builders' yard. Cyril's protege Paul Rowen MP, who started working for the old chump as an enthusiastic if confused 17 year old boy, in short trousers as it were, continues to protest that the stuff is safe and that with particular reference to schools.

Though he has sponsored a soft-headed Asbestos EDM that rather exports the problem from his own backyard where there remains a plan to build family houses on what amounts to an unregulated and undocumented asbestos dump. More anon. And not only from LOL I'll be bound. Will the Rochdale Observer ever break cover?

Is their own building on Drake Street, now being marketed for development, perchance riddled with the stuff?

UPDATE Tuesday: Apologies to Squirrel Smith. He got an MBE not the old Other Buggers' Efforts OBE. Member Behaving Egregiously anyone? Someone tell Dave what that means.


Anonymous said...

Cyril got an MBE in 1966 not an OBE.
"Other buggers efforts"
He was one bugger that did his own...

Get facts like British Empire medals wrong Chris and you could get a spanking off the big fella.

On a serious note, this evil man should get his comeuppance. Too much damage has been done for this to be kept swept under the carpet.

Justice must be done.

Anonymous said...

why doesn't the local newspaper report on this utter scandal?

Godfather of the Dales said...

Suck on this sucker Piss Crawl!

You'd have to think that they're either under threat or inducement not to report this story now wouldn't you? Doh! So slow. But which is it? Does Our Cyril control the advertisers directly or perhaps through his dark satanic "Rotarian" links?

Ha ha ha ha.

Have you and your family not been scared off by the asbestos workers' severed heads we placed in your kids' beds?

Perhaps they too are brave beyond foolishness and didn't tell you?

Apart from MPUK there are some other gangsters in Cyril's back yard. And don't you forget it Piss Crawl.

Pubs open in 15 minutes ... hurrah. Something to take the edge off life in my too fast lane.

Anonymous said...

GOTD- Is that what is sometimes called a spoiler comment so that important issues aren't taken seriously?

Lets stick to facts shall we?

Cyril Smith has a criminal record from the 1960's. It was as a result of selling unlawful lottery for Fred Radcliffe and Rochdale Football Club.

Allegations of abuse by Cyril Smith to 15-16 yr old boys was investigated and published in the late 1970's. Rochdale's Alternative Paper and Private Eye were never sued for libel for it. David Steel MP was reported as commenting in 1979 that it was merely a few smacked bottoms.

(Compare physical sexual abuse on children to the present 'scandal' of leaving abusive messages on answermachines today? 30,000 complaints and statements in Parliament, yet Cyril Smith was reported to have entered a children's (boys aged under 18) hostel and committed acts of sexual abuse to some of the terrified inmates and yet the local Establishment kept quiet.

Cyril Smith had speeches defending asbestos written for him by T&N, the company that profited so much from the deadly product. He was coached by T&N on what to say and how to deliver their perverted opinions. Cyril then organised front row seats for the Managing Director and Chairman of the asbestos company to watch their speech being delivered in Parliament after wining and dining them the evening before.

An opportunity to ban asbestos in the UK was lost in the early 1980's. It took until 1999 for a complete ban on asbestos. Precious time was lost that will kill countless people for decades to come.

For instance, Leigh Carlisle, abeautiful, decent young woman dead at 28 from asbestos cancer. Born in the same decade that Cyril Smith was engaged in such shameful collusion. How many more will die as a result of Cyril Smith's stance on asbestos?

Cyril Smith and his cronies have the brass neck to shamefully go on the offensive saying that workers knew the risks and could have left if they wanted to. Cyril puts the blame on those innocents dying of asbestos cancer as a result of going to work. A job for life indeed became that.

The appauling bias of the local fawning newspaper the Rochdale Observer has been well documented on this blog. They have refused to publish or even refer to the documents that Rochdale Online and this blog have published. Why?

Don't the people of that Lancashire town deserve to know the facts? Or has it been decided it might scare the natives?

As for gangsters- does property development and dodgy party politican funding go hand-in-hand?Is there something about Rochdale, Cyril Smith, the Lib Dems and certain local 'businessmen' that is being covered up?

If so, why?

Chris Paul said...

Don't think GOTD was much of a spoiler. More like the opposite. But hey ho. The question about the Rochdale Observer's independence will continue to hand in the air until they run the documents and the story about Cyril being an abusive crook. And Norman being the same with bells on.

benchilltory said...

all this stuff about botty bashing, asbestos and big Cyril is very interesting.
what confuses me is why any of it has not been subject to proper investigation.
the implication of what has been said over the weeks here is very serious.
abuse of vulnerable young people in care casues life long problems and anyone doing such evil deeds should be brought before the courts irrespective of their age or how long ago it may have happened.
why has no Labour MP or minister done anything to investigate these issues.Why are Rochdale labour group so quiet on this matter and why did they not do anything when they were in power.
If you or any of your contributers know any concrete facts on the abuse of these boys in care you have a moral obligation to do something about it.You should be contacting Rochdale child protection.

Anonymous said...

Good point Benchilltory, but given the past history of Rochdale Council on this sorry saga for decades, they could be part of the problem and not the solution.

Perhaps any relaible information should be given to Crimestoppers and Childline to stop it from being 'nipped' in the bud by any Brotherly officers in the council or local police.

If these claims are proven then the Inquiry will be damning. if true, people should be seeing the inside of a prison cell.

Some of the local Establishment in Rochdale should hold their heads in shame.

Disturbing claims of historic sexual abuse, vile corruption and shameless collusion with those who profited from a product that is still Britain's biggest industrial killer tarnishes the good name of a hard working town.

Fisherman said...

Haven't the Rochdale Observer run these daming asbestos company documents on their Rochdale Online internet pages?

Anonymous said...

No Fisherman, Rochdale Observer and Rochdale Online are 2 completely different news organisations.

Rochdale Online has a much wider web presence and the guts and commitment to publish hard hitting news articles.

The Rochdale Observer stick to boy scout jamboree, cat stuck up tree, pothole pointing, bonnie baby & toddler photos, Rotarian advertorials plus Rochdale Council/RDA/Fib Dem churnalistic propaganda and Cyril Smith arselickin.

It is no wonder so few actually read the Rochdale Obscurer in the town.

Chris Paul said...

The specific case involving Cyril that was investigated and a file produced by local police - and then whisked away and covered up - and stories run in both Rochdale Alternative Paper and Private Eye - based on some excellent affidavits - concerned a lodging for WORKERS named Cambridge House, not a care home.

Workers involved were 15 and 16.

These were young lads bussed down from Scotland for jobs and then allegedly abused as punishment for minor infractions of rules or petty crimes. On the face of it the punishments were far more serious crimes than the pilfering etc.

This should not be confused with the activities at Knowl View (a kids home, special needs) near Norden, out beyond Spotland, and involving the kids from that home out and about in the town too.

Including particularly in and around the Smith Street lavvies in Central Rochdale.

That too needs properly dealt with. I have been told that staff are still on full pay but have been gardening instead for 20 years. Keeping silence on pain of very bad things happening to them.

Those kids were 8-15 as I recall. And the place eventually shut after a fire rather than as a result of due process.

But that is a separate matter.

a manchester guardian said...

Rochdale Observer - part of Scott Trust.(soon to be a limited company)

Now that is where things get really interesting...

Does Alan Rusbridger really want to associate himself with this shoddy, sorry saga?

Does "Remaining faithful to the liberal tradition" involve cover-up of exceeding serious claims of sexual abuse, party finance corruption and collusion in Britian's biggest occupational cancer killer?

Chris Paul said...

The Scott and indeed the main GMG board ALWAYS state that their little profit centres - such as GMRN - are independent of them and not bound in any way by their ethos or even under their control in any real sense. They're just profit centres.

Anonymous said...

Old african saying:

"when the British wash their hands of something, they use the finest soap".

Northern Voice said...

Today's Daily Mirror are calling for Cyril Smith to be stripped of his knighthood.

It sounds like the journalist actually went round to Cyril's house for the interview. I would like to have been a fly on the wall that day (or today come to think of it).

Cyril Smith's attributed quotes are ever more callous:

He maintained 4,000 deaths was "relatively low" and conjured up a bizarre explanation.

"It's not like, how can I put it, like flu and contagious," asserted Smith. "It wasn't infections in the sense you can have a man and wife and one would have it and the other wouldn't."

So Cyril, 4000 is "reletively low"? 4000 preventable cancer deaths. 4000 families robbed of a loved one before their time.

His "straight talking" about the speech written for him by T&N belies a fool:

"Of course the speech was extremely useful to me because it made it sound as if I could speak intelligently on a subject I knew little about,"

Hoisted by his own, arrogant, brass necked petard. An admission that he used T&N to make himself look intelligent.

He never learns.

30 years on he is still orchestrating offensive letters in the Rochdale Observer that attack anyone who has the temerity to challenge this bully who got cancer-causing profiteers to put words into his fat foolish mouth.

He gave statistics and reassurances on asbestos, blocked a ban and attacked parliemtnarians as "alarmists" and "scaremongers" - all on a topic he now admits he knew nothing about.

His townsfolk die terrible deaths yet he remains unrepentant that asbestos is a danger to public health.

What a monster.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Northern Voice. I have just put the Mirror piece up and selected one of the same quotes.