Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Daily Cyril: Kevin Maguire Spanks Smithy's Arse

Last word to Cyril: "Of course the speech (written by the asbestos giant Turner and Newall) was useful to me because it made it sound as if I could speak intelligently on a subject I know knew little about."

Did any other vested interests write speeches for Cyril? Or other MPs of his ilk? Now Maguire has spanked Cyril's arse on this matter will he turn to Cyril's arse spanking and Kiszko convicting and ... yes oh yes ... those other activities too.

Isn't it really about time that Rochdale's devious, dangerous Lib Dems hung Sir Cyril out to dry? And time that the Federal Party hung Rochdale's Lib Dem franchise out to dry too?

We hear that Dave Drunkagain was working late at the office last night. But no amount of party political partisanship from Dave - paid for exclusively by the tax payer - is going to make Cyril and Rochdale Liberals' eternal shame go away.

UPDATE 14:23: Changed "know" to "knew", easy mistake to make.


northern voice said...

Cyril Smith - an ignorant bullying giant moron who colluded with a profitable killer asbestos giant.

Why do 2 million national readers in The Mirror get to read about this but not those who buy the local Rochdale Observer?

Instead the Lancashire mill town gets:
"Cyril Smith: There was no cover up"
a lame article citing "Leading scientist" Dick Badami suggesting Turners did all they could to keep people safe.

and lots of letters that follow the same theme by suggesting Turner Brothers Asbestos was a good company that did all it could to look after its workers and that Cyril Smith is a good man.

Blunt, shameless propaganda no doubt emanating from Cyril Smith in Emma Street, pulling a few favours.

The Rochdale Observer has a lot of explaining to do.

Uncle Ben said...

Cyril Smith suggests 4000 asbestos cancer deaths a year is not a significant number.

What planet is this Liberal Godfather on to dismiss such a gruesome deathtoll?

At long last, Cyril Smith is being found out for the arrogant, evil bully that he has always been.

Those who went to an early grave could get some justice if the deadly, shameful opinions and actions of "Smith the Man" are
finally brought to book so that such arrogant opportunism and ignorance cannot be repeated rearding asbestos that currently threatens to harm further generations living in Rochdale.

Asbestos companies in the 1970's and 80's shared a similarity to 21st century property speculators (prior to the credit crunch) in that huge profits were at stake that could be protected by influential politicians and lobbying that influenced government policy to create a mire of collusion and compromise.

Money had a habit of talking and getting its own way. Cash or kudos can help turn blind eyes.

Cyril's silence is deafening over plans to build 600 houses on the site of the asbestos factory he once had shares in and presented their speeches for in Parlament?

Now the scales are starting to fall from many peoples eyes.

An ugly prospect is showing itself. How did a planning application to build hundreds of houses and a nursery on the world's biggest asbestos factory ever get off the ground?

What role has Cyril Smith really played in the recent history of the Rochdale asbestos factory site he has remained fiercely protective of for so long?

Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Chris Paul said...

Are you repeating Everyone Hates Chris? And if so why?

I'd say that our anonymous friend from Rochdale who is criticising Cyril Smith is perhaps suggesting that the conspiracy to support homes at Spodden, the scene of the asbestos killing fields that you yourself have tried to defend here, is also related to Cyril Smith, Norman Smith and/or other lib Dems in Rochdale or their secret bankrollers.

Would that be about right NV and UB?

On the other hand you EHC seem to want to stretch this fairly specific observation/allegation/insinuation over to developments on clean, asbestos free land in Manchester and elsewhere.

Would that be it EHC?

Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Chris Paul said...

You're just a graceless foolish troll EHC. Nobody loves you. Go away, or ...

Remember those strange and rare moments when you comment on topic? Stick to that. What do you "EHC" make of Cyril Smith's record in power?

Do you still think he was right?

Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Chris Paul said...

Fuck off EHC. Your posts will be removed on sight. You're like a disruptive pupil who will not be told. Now bugger off.

Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Everybody Hates Chris said...
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Chris Paul said...

You are telling me about "class"? You muppet. You have none. You are just a hooligan. You are so fucking self centred that you are prepared to see everyone else's liberty to take part restricted by your burblings.

Get your own blog.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

Why are you restricting everybody else's liberty?

And, if you do, don't you dare lay that at my door. Ever the victim, eh, Chris.

You coward.

uncle ben said...

Cllr Jean Jeanie is back on Rochdale Online defending working peoples right to get cancer in exchange for food on the table.

She parrots an old chestnut used in letters written by a couple of odd, cap doffing T&N pensioners to defend Cyril in the Rochdale Obscurer:

Apparantly Turners had wonderful medical facilities. The pride of Britain in the days before Nye Bevan House?

So an asprin and a kind bedside manner in the 1960's excuses the fact T&N knew that their asbestos caused cancer? Could it ever occur to anyone that these wonderful medical facilities were a facade?

Or even some even more sinister?

Those that allow Cyril to influence kneejerk, deferential responses to protect his honour probably haven't even read the New Statesman article that started this furore. 3000 words- only about 100 about Cyril Smith yet like a spoilt bully he screams and shouts everyone down.

The title of the article has a clue: The lies that killed.

It talks about some of the medical procedures at T&N.

It reads:

T&N persuaded its own scientist, Dr John Knox, to draft a paper discrediting Doll's work. Knox encouraged academic scepticism about asbestos diseases but clearly knew there was a problem. He regularly X-rayed employees and when the results showed them developing signs of disease moved them to less dusty jobs. They were not told why.

The signed witness statement of a worker who later died states: "They did not say in 1974 that I had asbestosis but I expect there was something on my X-ray which made them think it was time I came out."

And Brian Penty remembers a so-called "blood pressure survey" in 1982: "They actually drew blood. A couple of years later I was at my GP's surgery - he'd been sent the results. Apparently they were testing for asbestos in my bloodstream."

Wonderful medical facilities, used to hoodwink and deceive and manipulate its workforce.

And Cyril Smith, Cllr Jean Ashworth and "leading scientist"(?!) Mr Dick Badami defend such indefensible actions.

Someone called JohnB keep rattling on about the benefit of hindsight to excuse what went on in 1981 with Cyril Smith.

From the 1960's there were radio reports, Television documentaries and press investigations about asbestos and cancer. There was enough hindsight for serious doubt and concern about asbestos. Yet Cyril Smith swept all this aside with confident and agreesive claims in Parliament.

He admits that these words were drafted for him to make him speak intelligently on an subject he knew little about. Yet his constituents were dying?

In effect, Cyril was conning Parliament on a subject that will kill tens of thousands of innocent people.

Hindsight is absolutely no defence in someone who remains unrepentant.

In the past few months his own words have clearly shown Cyril Smith to be callous and cruel. The way he has attempted to manipulate others to defend him has been desperate and pathetic. Taunts of political bias and conspiracy are an utter insult to decent people like the parents of Leigh Carlisle who have displayed grace and Christian compassion, rather than anger and vengeance, to someone who has been caught out engaged in vile collusion and received kudos and a few share dividends for being the willing mouthpeice of a deadly industry.

northern voice said...

Just taken a peek at Rochdale Online and Cllr Jeanie is hard at it defending Cyril Smith and all he has done for Rochdale.

Prey tell, what really is Cyril Smith's legacy? What has he done for Rochdale?

Over 50 years in politics?
Nasty, bullying, vindictive, spiteful aggression?
Very questionable business dealings?
A criminal record for unlawful lottery ticket sales? Bingo and fundraising for Fred Ratcliffe, Springmaker and Rochdale Football club wheeler dealer?
Then Cyril gets himself into the spring business?
Reddifusion? German tiles for the market? Compulsary purchase of a newsagents he bought just before a major 1960's town centre regeneration project? Lots of planning permissions granted for big builders who destroyed the heart and soul of Rochdale and helped make it the shithole and hotchpotch it remains today?
Fingers in all sorts of pies and committees from education to planning (with "our kid" Norman?)
An embarressment in Parliament with an attendenace record poorer than Lord Lucan. Chief Whipp and gossip to the press about his Leader during a sex scandal? Famous and recognisable nationally for being morbidly obese, buying tripe in his slippers and giving his old raincoats to the Queen of Tonga? Stealing a theme tune from a footballer to preen an already busting ego?
Serious allegations of sexual abuse going back many decades yet a trechant supporter of capital punishment for sex offenders?
Being overpaid to give lectures to Rotary clubs and cruise ships?
Robbing hardworking and decent people of their innocence and health by allowing the truth about asbestos and cancer to be fudged in Parliament with words written for him on subjects he knew little about?

Cyril's 80th birthday bash: Cheese pies, De Loreans and lots of press coverage drafted by the boy Hennighan for cheap political advantage.

Now events have bitten Cyril on the arse. Yet innocent people should apologise, keep quiet and not ask questions about Cyril and any connections with asbestos cancer, corruption and allegations of serious sexual abuse?

Nothing that has been printed has been incorrect. All true and indefensible.

Those blindly defending Cyril Smith need to take a long and hard look into their souls and consciences.

Anonymous said...

None of this puts Cllr Jeanie in a good light. Shameless.

Where is Captain White Lightning when she needs help? Wrestling with a kebab on Drake Street or cruising the mean streets of Eccles?

He will have to go into the nearest telephone kiosk to put his underpants on inside out.

brian said...

What has Cyril done for Rochdale?

Law and order, irrigation and roads.

er, sorry, no, that was the Romans.

He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.

Anonymous said...

"Nice one Cyril" was derived from a television ad for bread and later became a football chant for Cyril (Knowls?).

Chris Paul said...

Sir Squirrel used to pretend that his piss poor attendance record was as a result of his wanting to spend time in his beloved Rochdale with his canny lads and cocky little blighters. Research has shown that he didn't go to his office because he was so grossly overweight from excess cheese and onion pie consumption that he LITERALLY DID NOT FIT in the lift to his room. So they say anyhow. That's why he didn't go there. Leaving plenty of room for his roomie and fellow pie lover Johnnie Prescott. And what was the point anyway? Cyril was, is and will always be a useless tosser.

fly on the wall said...

Hello Dave.

What are you doing reading this?
You have been told by Paul to behave.

Naughty boy.

Grinding your teeth, vein poping out on your forehead, light sweat on your brow.

You know you want to.

But told you can't.

It must be very frustrating for someone with so much energy and creative genius to be gagged.

But you are a naughty boy and needed the punishment.

Now run along and be a good boy. Do something useful with your lunch hour for your day job paid for by us taxpayers.