Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Paul Routledge: Salmond Rigs Betting, His Man is Shite

The Mirror's Paul Routledge has been on the stump, and knowing him also on the piss, in a responsible post-binge way naturally, for two days in Glenrothes and he feels good news for Labour in his waters. Here's a little extract:

Lindsay Roy, who still turns out for five a side football for his church every week at the age of 59, campaigns on an Action Plan for Fife : crack down on anti-social behaviour, better opportunities for young people, sorting out roads and buses and helping Fife families get through tough times.
"We’re on the side of the kids and better schools. They’re not," he says. "We’re on the side of families. With their proposed income tax, they’re not. We’re on the side of the elderly. With their increased charges, they’re not."
This message chimes better with local feeling than the SNP’s obsessive hostility to everything the government tries to do. And I wonder if the Nats’ man really wants the job. "I don’t want to spend any more time down there than I have to," he blurted out on TV.

Once again Alex Salmond's insider dealing betting manipulation is revealed in the mainstream media. Enough to give Dave Osler a pause for thought following a rather pessimistic analysis. Rather based on the betting markets. Why do otherwise sensible pundits do that?

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