Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Data Protection: BNP Membership List Returned to the Wild

The above was Nick Griffin followed by some kind of gentle Nationalist Stand Up. He's a geordie or a mackem and I wish [satire]he'd fuck off back to where he came from[/satire]. But I've decided to take their video down anyway. And hope the BBC will Look and Learn.

Like our wingnut anti-Transport-Progress friend from Wigan - the one with the race-y discussion of Black History Month just before the post saying they're all so very misunderstood and such nice people - this North Easterner, down here, taking our jobs, is suggesting that the poor fascists don't get a fair hearing.

Poor old Nick Griffin and his neo-fascist, hooligan, nazi and also to be fair also men in suits and ballerina brigades ... Their names and, according to Griffin, SEVEN extra names that have been mischieviously added by EVILWISHERS, were in the public domain as a down loadable file. Still there. And ID of the seven names the new grail.

Who are these seven? Magnificent or Dopey, Sleepy etc? And why are the BBC giving Griffin quite so much unanswered face time on their programmes? Nick Griffin meanwhile says he knows who leaked the list.

But does he know where they live? Complete and utter Interminable twittering from BNP website.

For a while there was a Google Map search facility allowing the public to find out exactly where these misguided loons and muppets live.

But this has been taken down. At the same link however there is this "heat map" also created with the real data. This shows nothing more nor less at this kind of scale than the fact that the blighters are everywhere where there are towns and cities and some places where there are not. But NAZIS are PARTICULARLY DENSE in Cities.

Her Majesty's Government have come in for a bit of criticism for individuals, units and contractors losses of personal data. We must hope that following this debacle the BNP's previously inevitable jack-booted, burning faggot, and pitchfork brandishing march towards power now never reaches the Reichstag.

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