Friday, November 28, 2008

Eat The Rich: Fabians Say Even Rich Buy Tax Measures

Fabian Society head honcho Sunder Katwala posts at Labour Home (and Fabian Home) that even the richer segments support increased tax. And elsewhere at the home of the brave we have news from YouGov that the Tory lead is not only inside historic levels of Conservative Inflation but also tracking Labour's figure downward.

At this rate - with YouGov dropping 20% from 5% to 4% in just a few days - by the Spring we could be talking deflation and a Labour lead in the polls. Hurrah.


Anonymous said...

And deflation is good?
When prices start to fall, buyers wait to see if they are going to decline even further, thus increasing unemployment, which in turn leads to more deflation,causing businesses to fail,more unemployment and on and on in a downward spiral.

Chris Paul said...

Have you no sense of humour?

NO? OK then. Humourless answer:

We already experience sharp deflation in some sectors and goods e.g imported clothes and electricals and housewares and this is very handy as other parts of the weekly and annual shop are experiencing inflation.

Over-all deflation might well not be a good thing for the reasons you state. But it does depend on the balance of the shopping basket, and indeed the effect on the sales tax take.

As far as I'm concerned it is possible for a small or temporary deflation to not present a huge problem but for the sake of argument with your anal literal head I'll settle for 0.5% inflation and a 0.5% Tory lead.