Friday, November 28, 2008

In Vino Veritas Round Up: Lib Dem Pisshead Squeals

Last night saw the Lord Mayor's annual Town Hall bash. With the free booze flowing. Mostly down the darkened, shadowy corridor where the Lib Dems pitched their tents. As a non-drinker for the night the nuttiness and flying pint-ishness, not to mention some ill-advised fashion of the Yellow Peril filled me with ... future blog stories.

Let's be starting with one Lib Dem councillor with a huge majority and nursing great disappointment that his shameless visage has dropped off the blog in recent months who offered this hubristical pride-before-a-fall soundbite:

"You can go back 20 years Chris. To the courts if you like. And print it ... and they'll still vote for me whatever I've done."

Anything? I asked. Anything! He said. So there you have it. This councillor thinks that his electorate will put up with anything?

What sins could lie in his dark history then? We don't know. But our man said "anything" which covers a lot of ground. Rape? Murder? Benefit fiddling? Gangsterism? Brothel creeping? Drink? Drugs? Leaking Treasury secrets? Shameless shags for Council Houses?

Perhaps we'll have a delve. Or perhaps we should just concentrate on his record of complete and utter uselessness as an appear-to-be-hard-working yet useless councillor down the years?

Then there was Audrey Jones. Now retired from Council of course. But elegant and well-turned out as ever. Which brought us to the state of some of her colleagues' attire. But best not go there just now. Another time perhaps? Not very sisterly is all I'll say for now.

There followed Mad Mart "Lev" Eakins. Shiny happy new Northenden Councillor, Wythenshawe and Sale East PPC and - as is the wont of the Lib Dem localist fetishists - naturally a "resident" in the ward he represents ...? Er, really Lev? Is that right?

Then of course we had one or two Lib Dem beer monsters. Six and a half foot megalith Iain Donaldson. The one allegedly caught, but sadly not on camera, making a Nazi salute in the Council Chamber while Cllr Afzal Khan was speaking. Unproven. Due to a dirty dozen of Lib Dems who "saw" him "not doing it". How does that work then? With only half a dozen actually seeing him. There's democracy in operation. The nays on the right have it.

Anyway I digress, that is alleged schoolboy nazi salutes under the bridge. Water unto the urinals another matter.

Cllr Donaldson had a peculiar penchant on this this I'd say. Approach table 20 yards from loo with foaming free pint after foaming free pint. Chugging the lot on the spot like some rugger bugger before our very eyes. Then head on and pass water. Collect £300 a week for a big streak of nothing. Very strange. Repeatedly taking the piss out of the hospitality.

Naturally of course concern was expressed at a photo opportunity being taken by a novice candidate at a certain War Memorial in South Manchester. Grinning holiday snaps with family - I kid you not - after first-time-in-life attendance, never mind wreath laying, Focus-leaflets-for-the-use-of. Would they dare?

More, as they say, anon.

And it'll be later when I get round to a very peculiar leaflet that dropped out of the centre of the Manchester Evening News I grabbed on my way out. Did every single copy city-wide have this leaflet slipped within? Something of a Che Guevara theme is all we'll say for now. But slipped into thousands of newspapers? That's hardcore revolutionary politics that is.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad list of Liberal Crimes, except Murder, after all Thrope was only tried for attempted murder.

By the way whose hard pressed working families were paying for this piss up ?


Chris Paul said...

Well, I only had a pint of lime cordial myself and one very very tiny mince pie. But I think it was some hard working commercial concerns that paid. That's the usual way in modern times.

The Lib Dems used to complain even at that but since they've been allowed a Lord Mayor every third year they've stopped that whining. They just get seriously stuck in to the free bar and four course buffet.

By the time I left none of them had ended up on their arse on the floor, but the night was yet young.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, anyone stupid enough to talk to a headcase like you deserves all they get...

Chris Paul said...

"Headcase"? Perhaps you'd like to come here and say that, you cowardly custard?

But yes, talking to a blogger with a sharp pencil and an open notepad and witnesses when worse for wear is indeed a stupid thing to do.

Even by the standards of an attention seeking, useless, etc etc etc

And the whole courts - 20 years ago - look it up and blog it line? May have plenty of cult followers, but several butties short of a decent buffet.

Wally Range said...

Would you

a) be willing for someone to investigate your complete history and then print it, or

b) are there things you would rather be kept secret

Chris Paul said...

This is a councillor with a huge majority bragging that whatever he has in his past his people will support him. I don't know why they do back him as it is. He gets about in the ward, at several levels, but can't say he gets anything particularly useful done. Although canvassing in the area you will find his pals and supporters who seem to think he's got their gates fixed or a boost on some priority or whatever. But plenty saying they won't put up his posters and he basically won't give them the time of day. Hearsay this is. Pinch of salt must apply.

Leech was the only one of their little clique with the first clue of how to be a councillor and how to get anything done. And he's finally retired as a cllr having taken £45,000 of allowances (along with his MP pay, allowances, expenses, staff budgets etc) and basically - by the look of it from the published accounts - they've somehow found their way into his party bank account which has been bouncing along healthily despite having very very few notified donations. He describes his practice in his HoP RMI entry as "donated to his constituency office" OWTTE.

Andrew Gwynne stayed on too. But he gave his net councillor pay to various charities.

Devices, possibly legal devices though with the focus on MP gravy this seems hard to countenance, that some say have been used to launder this money seem to include some over-priced sub-letting, some leasing of shabby equipment, some profits from a secret squirrel unincorporated "printing society", and some say also some recycled "case worker" etc wages stuck back into the pot via contributions to the printing society.

Which is unincorporated and they presumably think a vehicle for hiding things from accountability. Unless they want to go open book with it as you'd expect from fearless corruption fighters.

All this does call for a full disclosure and proper accountability.

Perhaps in the wake of the Michael Brown judgment the Lib Dems will stop bragging about how clean they are and put their house in order? Starting with their prime muppet nationally Mr Leech.

But I digress ...

Proactively calling for an investigation! Norman!

It's not as if I told him I was going to bubble some of his little secrets and he said "bring it on". He just sought me out and came out with it out of the blue.

He's a wind up merchant of course. He'll tell his mates he was just taking the piss. He has a history of it. Don't think I've fallen for any of his ridiculous stories and set ups so far.

Norman has already told his mates in fact that he's spun me a line. But he's not half as clever as he'd like to think.

This really is a dangerous game he's playing. Not so much for him, as he's just a little fish(y), as for his friends and allies.

Including the MP. Who is already on shaky ground in terms of getting re-elected. Thanks to his fibbing campaigns, his entertaining accounting and his general uselessness. Not to mention a supposed Tory revival.