Thursday, November 13, 2008

England of the Regions: New Accountability Despite Nads

Nadine Dorries has "blobbed" again in her website register called "blog". Still no mention of Number One daughter benefiting from family ties to slide into a coveted job. But Nads does explain that she's against Regional Development Agencies. But not why. And that she's therefore against Regional Select Committees.

Strange stuff. Major objection against RDAs out in the country is their lack of or at least relatively low level of accountability. Regional Select Committees might help with that. The government have rather unaccountable and unpaid ministers for each region. And the Tories certainly have nominal appointments for various cities too. Again, accountability might be increased by having relevant select committees. This is not something that really gets my juices flowing to be honest. Not that exercised.

But I do think that Nadine owes us an explanation over this. As well as on her secret new appointment. I never thought I'd be saying this but here's Nafferton Today with the result of the debate. The committees have been agreed despite Nadine's resistance. But remuneration of £12,000 (Nads) or £14,000 (PA) will not be paid. So it'll be £13,000 then? £15,000?

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