Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Thursday Cyril: Now Serving Himself Up on Toast

Difficult to see how Sir Cyril Smith could top his last hubristical appearance on BBC North West, claiming that asbestos workers had only themselves to blame if 20% got sick and died terrible deaths.

But I'll be interested to see tonight's effort in which Sir Cyril Smith MBE - probably still smarting from not being made Lord Smith of Turners-Done-Good - claimed that talk of an EDM to have him stripped of his knighthood was "ridiculous".

Cyril told Kevin Maguire of the Daily Mirror that Labour wanted him "on toast". Having denied this was possible he now seems to be busily hoisting himself by his own petard onto the plate.

Lord Archer should call an AGM of the ennobled minty miscreants association - EMMA for short - black balling the old scrote. Archie's major claims to fame, having an EDM to strip his title, is at stake. Don't let Cyril dilute the brand!

UPDATE Thu 08:25: Slight sub-edit last para. Plus: Rochdale RAW report on that EDM which is now available for signing:

Early Day Motion
EDM 2470
Hepburn, Stephen
That this House notes that for decades the asbestos industry covered up the fatal health threat posed by the carcinogenic mineral; further notes that some 4,000 people a year die from incurable asbestos-related diseases; expresses disquiet over letters revealing that on 5th August 1981 the then hon. Member for Rochdale, Sir Cyril Smith, asked Turner and Newall, a major asbestos corporation, to supply a speech to make in the Chamber of the House in a debate on asbestos controls; is disturbed that the letter of 5th August 1981 stated `could you please, within the next eight weeks, let me have the speech you would like to make (were you able to!) in the debate?'; believes such action was dishonourable and not in the interests of the public nor in the finest tradition of this House; and expresses its support for those now demanding that the former hon. Member for Rochdale be stripped of his knighthood.

We urge Paul Rowen MP to get his name on this one as soon as possible, given as he is a fearless asbestos slaying warrior himself, or that he resigns and calls for a by-election vote of confidence in the Lib Dem record in representing poor Rochdale.

The Mirror "Points of Disorder" follow up is now available online and Kevin Maguire's blog on the matter is attracting a balanced and carefully nuanced debate, not.

If I didn't know better I'd think that Dave Drunkagain is again breaking his claim that he never posts other than under his own name. I wonder if the Daily Mirror would like to compare IP Addresses on that? Are Paul Rowen's arsey lads still providing cover for the spanking old scrote Smith C?


Anonymous said...

Dave thinks he is smart with anonymous postings on behalf of the taxpayer. I wonder where Adam gets it from?

Chris Paul said...

Does Adam still work there? The cheek of it. Most reasonable people would think that pretending to be an old friend speaking on behalf of an MP from a rival party would be an immediate sacking offence.

The media certainly couldn't believe a word you said ever again! Particularly now you've revealled you don't in fact work for the MP that everyone thought you did work for. So he's beren lying about that too.