Thursday, November 13, 2008

Steve Zacharanda/Adam Smith: The American Dream

May be a week late. But this is really something. Thanks to Dave Ottewell:

There is no truth in the rumour that any of MEN or GMG's finest EVER but EVER file their copy while under the influence of anything. Well, most of those have left now. Just a few left of them still in harness. But it must be said there is a new generation coming through. But then they don't use booze to get by.

Adam Smith's Author Page. And here's what you get on the Brum Mail website where his report once was. And here it is where it still is.

And looking for a line or two he may have written himself rather than cutting and pasting from the BBC we find:

Mr Obama put together an amazing coalition of rich, poor, black, white, left, right, urban and rural voters.

Which is class. It really is. We've checked. It's one on its own. Welcome to the blogosphere "Adam Smith". Or Steve Zacharanda (mySpace, Parental Guidance). And some Wordpress blog links. Google-wise, far more this side of the pond on Zacharanda than Smith.

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