Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guido Fawkes is Dead: Long Live Window Licker "GuF"

Iain Dale picked Cicero's Songs post When Bloggers Attack in his Daley baker's half dozen overnight. Also calling Fraser Nelson eloquent over his PMQ analysis. Which compared to Iain he was.

Anyway, here's a comment from Paul Staines aka Mr GuF on the picked post:

Guido Fawkes said...
I don't know why you bother reading the window licker comments or take them seriously.
30,000 people a day come to my site daily, less than 1% comment. Most of them are mad.
11:01 PM

So, as it cannot be the "window lickers" characterised as "mad" - GuF don't do tautology - it must be all 30,000 (sic) of his readers. Though like Andrew Gilligan it is believed that Mr Fawkes provides many of his opwn window lickers. As well as plagiarising from the Mainstream Blog Media without attribution. Shoots, Eats and Leaves.


BSH said...

We all must admit, the quality of comment on Guidos blog is dreadful. 10/10 for honesty on his part; Its kudos to his blogging that we all keep coming back for more!

Anonymous said...

I can only presume they are licking the window because of what they see inside. Perhaps GuF should be asking why he attracts such an audience.

Chris Paul said...

One of my dogs - probably the one with the most MHIs from a dreadful childhood before we got him - licks the window of my car from the inside.

So how much of the desperately drivelly dreary juvenile sexist homophobic crude* doggie window licking is from inside in GuF's case? Sometimes he pretends on other people's blogs too I believe. Which ain't smart if you're doing anything other than arseing about.

* To his credit GuF's window lickers are trained not to do racism when they are round at his.

It is worth remembering that this "Guido Fawkes" need not necessarily be the GuFster himself.

Not secure, t'interblogweb.

delete-paulds said...
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