Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mr GuF: Window Licker Calls For Lynching, Again

One case in which Guido Fawkes has been caught masturbating online - playing with himself as it were - involved a kind of vigilante posting three or four weeks ago. See the stuff at Tory Troll. Oh go on then. Here it is:

And what's more Guido is at it again here, inciting vigilante or better still prisoner-on-prisoner violence, presumably particularly interested because the murdered old bezzer with a sex shame past was called by The Sun "the pervert Gordon Boon" and "paedo Gordon Boon" which probably tickles GuF's window-licking hilarity bone and anti-Gordon vendetta.

The first link in the withdrawn post (above) harvested by Tory Troll is to the very same Gordon Boon story in The Sun:

The screen grab is below. I'd draw your attention to the judge's comparison of the injuries sustained by Baby P to those typical of a car crash. And remind you that Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes aka Mr GuF is a convicted drunk driver with a string of other drunk incidents as TICs. He acknowledged in court that he has a problem with excess alcohol. But he was unwilling to be helped.

Was he drunk when he wrote yet another incitement to violence? Will he now concede that every time he jumped in a car pished out of his window licking brains this was a busted Baby P, a busted mother and child, a busted war hero, or some busted stars of tomorrow youths waiting to end up splattered over Guido's bonnet and in the morgue?

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