Sunday, November 09, 2008

Exclusive: Remembrance Sunday Cyril Special

Presumably Dave Hennigan of all people knows a liability when he sees one? And as a political operator sans pareil - according to his self-penned CV, strangely rejected for oh so many top Lib Dem jobs - he would know when to apply the proverbial barge pole to protect his paymaster? Meaning Paul Rowen MP. Rather than we the taxpayers who finance his Olympian drinking, roistering, bullying, fibbing, impersonating. anonymous blog commenting, Smith hagiography, and assorted shenanigans. Being a right Charlie - on the taxpayer.

But no, 'fraid not. Someone has been going through the archives of the Rochdale Observer and finding and commenting on leads to follow. And we'll get back to these in due course.

But as we approach the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month we can at least say that Sir Cyril Smith MBE did the town proud on Remembrance Sunday. Can't we? Hardly going to Westminster - because he was a lazy old sod, and literally couldn't fit in the lift to his office shared with fellow pie-man John Prescott - but surely the old bugger Cyril and his brother in arms Cllr Norman proudly took his place at the Rochdale War Memorial without fail each and every year to remember Rochdale's fallen?

No, they did not. But why was this? The old hanger-and-flogger, asbestos apologist, hands-on exponent of sexualised corporal punishment must have some respectable basis for such a move?

Some kind of political correctness over the needless carnage of war from the Brothers Graspalot? Er, no. It did offer employment for cannon fodder after all. Protest at the stripping of, bullying of and general meddling with boy soldiers in bizarre ritual punishments at Deepcut of some other barracks? Er, twice no, that would be hypocritical and beyond the pale. Embarrassment at being unable to bend over to lay a wreath? There's a thought. But make that thrice no.

Aa a result of our recent appeal for anecdotes an old soldier from Cyril Town tells LOL exclusively that having joined the Royal British Legion they attended a members meeting. Many years ago now. The Chairman announced that since they had declined the Lib Dems kind offer to let them premises at Drake Street - that they had received a letter - from Norman on behalf of the Brothers Graspalot -
saying they (members of Rochdale British Legion) were not gentlemen.

Therefore, the old scrawler and relatively speaking scrawner continued, the disgusting old bastards Cyril and Norman would not in future be attending the Remembrance parade. And true to their word they've not been spotted at this most solemn of civic occasions ever since. Not a matter of principle. Just business.

The dignitaries are due to arrive from 10.50am and Councillor Alan Taylor, leader of the council, is urging residents to support the event.
He said: “I am always impressed by the number of people who attend each year. A lot of people don’t realise how many people turn out and I’m proud to be part of that. This year the ceremony falls on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, so it’s going to be even more poignant.
“I truly believe that it’s one of the best things about the borough and we’re hoping that this year it will be even better than ever.”
Mr Rowen added: “I will be delighted to attend the events in our town and remember not just our brave soldiers from the First and Second World Wars, but also our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
“This is a time when the whole town comes together and remembers those who have made such enormous sacrifices for us.”
Veterans are being reminded that free advice on a variety of issues ranging from war pensions to welfare, campaign medals to benefits is available throughout the year. For more information, call 0800 169 2277 or visit Veterans UK.

That'll be the whole town apart from Mr Rochdale, or rather for now Sir Rochdale, and his fraternal sidekick Normski. By a bizarre twist the Parade of young and old will have assembled on Mere Street and is even now making its way past the Lib Dem Headquarters - subject of some bizarre renting arrangements down the years, but not to the RBL - with an eyes left and a silent raspberry for Sir Cyril from all veterans in the know.

FOOTNOTE: As well as today's traditional wreath laying at the Cenotaph in Rochdale there will be a cannon shot fired at 11 am this Tuesday 11th November to signal a two-minute silence report Rochdale Online.


Anonymous said...

Wow Chris... you posted this blog at 10.41. So you were not out to pay your respects then. I hope you observed the minutes silence at 11.00.

Chris Paul said...

Really don't know how you can quibble. The point of the post was that it was put up exactly as the RBL and so on marched past Cyril's Drake Street headquarters. You see that don't you?

I was certainly in silent reflection over my keyboard. Over all those lions fallen following crassly stupid orders from donkeys, my partner being out tolling bells for the fallen.

Sadly I wasn't round at Emma Street knocking out some old rubbish who have had the gall to boycott an occasion they should've been at ex officio for many many years. What do you think of that?

Just because a charity refused their unacceptable terms to do a deal under duress and rent an office.

Cyril and Norman are complete and utter trash. Corrupt and corrupting to know. Paul Rowen and his crew should hang them out to dry.

Whatever you post as you are an insensitive clever clever muppet. I'll see you in Rochdale at 11am on Tuesday. You'll recognise me from the red flower in my lapel.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few in the British Legion will back this account up of Cyril and Norman's threats and dummy spitting out shenanigans.

If the march went up Drake Street to Manchester Road then the call Eyes Right would have been heard, to avert their sight of Cambridge Street.

Harking back to the war, how did young Cyril get so big boned during rationing?